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A Level accounting: a brief summary of the key requirements and typical elements of the curriculum from the experts at The Profs.

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Why study A Level Accounting?

Studying Accounting at A level gives you an excellent foundation in a wide variety of transferable skills.

What is Accounting?

As a crucial aspect of every business, accounting is sometimes referred to as a business language. Knowledge of accounting procedures and practices is essential for recording and presenting business activities. You’ll discover how to make sense of business accounts and how to utilise financial statements for decision-making purposes.

Knowledge of accounting practices helps you to identify, classify and summarise financial data. This can then be used for making business decisions, with the aim of managing costs and maximising profits. This ensures that businesses manage their costs effectively, allocating resources in the most efficient and effective ways.

What skills does A level accounting encourage?

The specific modules that you study for A level accounting may vary, but typically a student can expect to assimilate and build upon the following skills:

  • Problem solving
  • Decision making
  • Clear presentation of arguments
  • Planning skills
  • Making recommendations and judgments
  • Data skills

Why study A level Accounting?

Every business, no matter how large or small, has the need for employees with accounting skills. In fact, particularly for larger businesses, employees with a good knowledge and understanding of accounting are highly sought after.

The financial health of a business governs its future success, so employees trained in understanding accounting practices can be of great value. However, a qualification in accounting doesn’t automatically mean that you have to work for a large company. All types of businesses need financial information, plans and strategies and even a basic grounding in accounting can prove useful. So whether you plan to start your own business, help out with a family concern or seek employment with a global organisation, accounting skills can be used in a wide variety of ways.

Needless to say, if you’re planning on studying accounting at degree level, then an A level in accounting gives you a firm foundation in the subject. But it’s also a useful asset for anyone considering a degree in business studies too, as these courses tend to include one or more accounting modules.

Of course, if you’re aiming to attain a professional qualification in the subject eventually, then an A level in accounting provides you with essential background knowledge, giving you a firm foundation.

What careers can A level accounting lead to?

Accountancy is ranked as one of the leading professions in the UK. The Big Four accountancy companies – Ernst & Young, Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers and KPMG – all offer a wide variety of services, including corporate finance, assurance services, audit, management consulting, actuarial, advisory and legal services. These four firms tend to feature at the top of the list of the Times Top 100 Graduate Employers, so pursuing the subject at degree level is an option that can lead to a long and productive career.

However, going to university isn’t the only option. Students with an A level in accounting can opt to pursue professional qualifications in accountancy from one of the UK accountancy bodies. This creates the opportunity to combine working and learning, attending one or more days at college each week, with the rest of the week spent working for an accountancy firm.

The Profs can help you to achieve the grades you’re hoping for at A level accounting. A private tutor gives you valuable insights into the subject, helping you with revision techniques, explaining elements that you don’t fully understand and easing the pressure of exams.

From helping you to decide on the best courses to study, to advising you on higher education options, The Profs are here for you whenever you need us, helping you to achieve your educational goals.

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