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Thinking about studying A Level Afrikaans? The experts at The Profs look briefly at the course.

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Why study A level Afrikaans?

Learning any language is very rewarding and useful on both personal and professional levels. In today’s global society, an increasing number of people can speak in more than one language. Not only is this advantage in terms of travel and cultural appreciation, but it is also a desirable attribute sought after by many employers.

Choosing to study A Level Afrikaans will equip you with the fluency and accuracy needed to be able to confidently communicate in the language in both its written and spoken forms.

A typical A Level Afrikaans course will enable students to further develop their language skills in numerous situations. For example, over the normal two-year course programme, you could expect to become confident in reading texts, extracting information, initiating conversations and being able to answer questions in both verbal and written form.

The advantages of taking a language at A Level

As we have already mentioned, there are many benefits to being able to speak more than one language fluently. Universities and employers commonly view an A Level in any language other than English as strong evidence of your linguistic ability and understanding. Additionally, the work you will have put into gaining a language A Level develops lifelong skills, such as a strong analytical ability and a good memory.

Why should I study A Level Afrikaans?

Taking A Level Afrikaans (or any other language) will give you:

  • The ability to clearly and confidently communicate in your chosen language
  • A solid understanding of what it takes to study a language and the skills you need for further study or work
  • A better insight into the culture of the communities which speak Afrikaans
  • A better understanding and attitude towards learning another language yourself and appreciating the efforts of others trying to do the same

What do you need prior to studying A Level Afrikaans?

It is recommended that you have some prior experience of this language, for example, equivalent to GCSE level, before embarking on an A Level course.

What can I expect to learn?

Typically, an A Level Afrikaans course will cover a variety of topics designed to help you converse competently in the Afrikaans language. This may include topics on:

  • Family life
  • Food and drink
  • Urban and rural life
  • Social and economic development
  • Cultural heritage
  • Environment
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Beliefs

How will I be assessed?

Examination boards can vary as to the assessment processes they use. However, it is fairly routine for language course assessments to want to test your ability in the language in both written and oral form. You will be expected to be able to read and manipulate text written in Afrikaans and demonstrate a sound linguistic knowledge.

What can I do with an A Level in Afrikaans?

The intellectual and personal skills you will develop by learning another language will offer lifelong benefits. An A level in a language is the perfect base for further Modern Languages study in higher education and can also be put immediately to use in the workplace.

How can The Profs help?

If you decide to study A Level Afrikaans, we are confident you will find it an interesting and rewarding subject. Learning any language is great for your personal development, helping you to build and hone essential skills that will be valuable for your future academic and professional endeavours.

Learning a language can be tough. But if you are dedicated and just need a little guidance, our private tutors may be just the solution. Each of our tutors are experts in their field, having been through a rigorous selection process to ensure that they can provide you with the professional support you need.

Please feel free to get in touch to find out how we can help you to plan and to achieve your educational goals.

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