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Are you considering A level classical studies? Read on to find out more about entry requirements, the syllabus and onward study options.

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Why study A level classical studies?

If you’re interested in finding out what underpins our modern cultural outlook, A level classical studies could be the ideal A level for you.

The Classics have influenced everyone from Shakespeare to filmmakers, artists to comic book creators. If you’re a fan of the Marvel Universe, you’ll have engaged with ideas taken from classical Greek and Roman literature. Both Karl Marx and Boris Johnson are students of the Classics.

You’ll study literature that covers fundamental human issues including war and peace, destiny and free will. You will explore the art and architecture of the Classical world such as the Greek Parthenon and the Roman Coliseum.

You’ll discover the impact that ancient views on gender, politics and language continue to have on modern thinking.

What’s covered in A level classical studies?

A level classical studies covers the study of the great Classical civilisations, Greece and Rome using a multidisciplinary approach. You’ll explore their thousand-year history, including the history of art and literature, including theatre.

The syllabus is designed to give students an appreciation of the diversity of these Classical civilisations and their enduring influence on the western world.

What background do I need ?

  • Set texts are translated into English so you won’t need to read Latin or Greek
  • An interest in art and culture
  • Willingness to engage with and question the material and confront popular misconceptions
  • Critical thinking and curiosity
  • Independent study skills

What work is involved?

You’ll be expected to read widely over a range of sources in translation. You may also be expected to attend plays or engage with art and videos. Key exam skills include:

  • Developing a well thought out argument from sources that support conflicting interpretation
  • Interpreting a text
  • Essay writing

What skills will I develop?

A level classical studies is a great way to develop a range of key skills for future study. You’ll be encouraged to develop and support your arguments and employ your evaluative and analytical skills when engaging with a wide range of course materials.

Other highly transferable skills you’ll acquire while studying A level classical studies include:

  • Clarity of expression
  • Crafting persuasive arguments
  • Contextual interpretation
  • Logical analysis
  • Handling, structuring and presenting complex information

This A level makes a good complement to other fields of studies including English literature, history, politics and philosophy. If you’re interested in the humanities but don’t want to feel limited, you’ll enjoy the broad scope of study involved in this A level.

Where does A level classical studies lead?

A level classical studies can lead to a degree in classical studies, particularly at the Russel Group universities. Because of the breadth of the subject, classics graduates have gained a reputation for being articulate, analytical and intelligent, making this a good investment in your future.

Classical studies can open up a range of future careers. Writers such as JK Rowling and Virginia Woolf studied classics, as did actors and musicians including Tom Hiddleston and Chris Martin. Other possible careers include:

  • Lecturer
  • Barrister
  • Archivist
  • Civil Service fast streamer
  • Marketing and PR
  • Management consultancy
  • Politics
  • Media

Is A level classical studies the right course for me?

If you’re keen to invest in a wide range of potential future careers by developing your analytical and interpretive skills, you’ll benefit from studying A level classical studies.

The multidisciplinary mode of study encourages you to engage with history, literature, art and theatre and is a good choice for students who enjoy the humanities but may wish to also focus on STEM subjects.

If you’re considering studying classics then The Profs can help you to manage the workload of this complex and demanding subject. If you’re confident that you have the skills to cope, we can reinforce your study skills and help you to maximise your grades for optimum results.

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