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Why study A Level Digital Media & Design?

A level digital media & design is an exciting and relevant course that can equip you with the necessary tools to build a career in media. Thanks to the advancement of telecommunications, digital media has become a transformative technology that is dramatically changing the way in which we consume information. Digital media affects everything from entertainment, education, news and even the way that we communicate with one another.

A level digital media & design syllabus and content

A level digital media & design will give you an understanding as to how media curates a comprehension of the world, how media generation functions and also how to develop a critical approach to media. A level digital media & design courses typically explore a wide range of processes and techniques in digital media, allowing you to structure the course towards either one or multiple areas of study.

Typically, the course will cover broad areas of study including; digital photography, film, animation and multimedia applications. This course has been designed to help you learn a variety of techniques and strategies and to enhance your abilities in a wide range of modern-day avenues. You will develop your self-administration, team building, critical thinking skills, together with communication and the use of internet technology.

Taking A level digital media & design will help you to develop the awareness and skills necessary to prepare you for higher education and to work in one of the many exciting career avenues within digital media. You will gain valuable insight into today’s digital media landscape and the external factors that have an impact on media.

When you take A level Digital Media & Design, you will:

  • Gain the creative procedures, critical thinking, and evaluation skills necessary to assess and fine-tune ideas
  • Learn innovative ways to creatively problem-solve
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the digital media landscape by understanding different processes, ideas, and designers

Potential careers

A level Digital Media & Design can lead into a variety of lucrative careers including:

Computer games tester

As part of quality assurance for computer games, this role plays games to find and report development faults or bugs, evaluate the playability of games, and recommend improvements before games are launched publicly.

Production assistant

This position may be based in an office or on-set and is an entry-level role that can lead to a progressive career in production.

Digital marketing assistant

This entry-level role assists senior staff to promote an organisation’s products or services online, either in an end client organisation or in a digital agency.

Social media coordinator

Implements a company’s social media strategy and raises online brand awareness using social media platforms. Again either client-side or agency.

If you would like to pursue a career in digital media, in film, TV, or music, then taking A level digital media & design can offer you a wealth of theoretical and practical knowledge as a foundation to help you obtain a university degree and then a career in digital media. Digital media is a highly sought-after career path and the competition within this industry is fierce.

Taking other relevant A-levels or alternative Level 3 qualifications, such as English, art, music, design, journalism, media and theatre studies will help to build a CV that proves your determination to succeed. It’s also important to build your portfolio of work to entice potential employers to hire you over the competition through digital media-friendly hobbies and work experience. Consider what would prove your enthusiasm for your chosen avenue in digital media such as building websites, photo or video editing, journalism, blog writing, app development, or even coding.

After completing A level digital media and design, you will be able to apply to obtain an undergraduate degree at university within digital media, communications, multimedia or graphic design.

If you’re looking to have a competitive edge in your pursuit of a career in digital media, The Profs can help! Working with a private tutor can improve your understanding, boost your grades, diminish pressure and enhance your employment prospects.

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