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Why study A Level Divinity?

Studying divinity may seem a little old-fashioned at first, but it can offer many academic advantages. In addition to a higher level of confidence to work and communicate in English, A Level Divinity can develop independent thinking skills. Studying this A Level can improve how you construct logical, reasoned and clear arguments to better work academically at university level.

What is divinity?

Divinity is the study of primarily Christian theology, although it can also include studying other Abrahamic religions such as Judaism. It can include understanding the different schools of theology, which covers the nature of religious belief. It can also look at the practice of worship and the historical and cultural background to the development of key religious texts.

What is covered in A Level Divinity?

A Level Divinity is primarily offered by CIE, but other courses will follow a similar syllabus. An A Level Divinity curriculum will typically cover basic concepts such as:

  • How to study and interpret historical texts
  • The historical background of the Torah and the Bible
  • A scholarly understanding of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ
  • The development of the early Christian church

Studying for an A Level in Divinity will involve reading and researching as a key element. You will learn to evaluate different source materials and to understanding a document such as the Bible in relation to who wrote it and when it was written. Learning how to write a convincing essay argument is an essential part of the course, as is the ability to compare, contrast and group the views of ancient and modern scholars.

The course will commonly take 360 guided learning hours spanning two years. A Level Divinity is assessed through exams, most commonly as part of the November examination series in the second year. Typically, the exam papers will be:

  • The Prophets of the Old Testament
  • The Four Gospels
  • The Apostolic Age

Questions will not be based upon one particular version of the Bible and candidates are free to choose which version they use.

What GCSEs do I need?

Students are not expected to have studied GCSE Divinity or GCSE Religious Studies. However, those with academic or humanities-based GCSEs will have an advantage in this subject, with examples including history, geography, English, psychology or sociology. Students will be required to use specific and appropriate terminology, compare, contrast and analyse and to be able to communicate concepts in written English.

Where can I use A Level Divinity?

The skills that students develop in studying Divinity are highly transferable both in education and in the world of work. Divinity studies develop and demonstrate critical thinking; appreciation for the complexity and diversity of historical events; scholarly thought; confidence in communicating effectively; using ICT; and displaying self-discipline and initiative.

A Level Divinity is a suitable foundation for further study of Divinity, Religious Studies, or similarly related courses in higher education such as History, Comparative Literature, English Literature, Law, or Cultural History.

Is A Level Divinity right for me?

You are the only person who can judge whether this course would suit you and whether you would enjoy the work involved. There are, however, experts who can help you to make the best decision for your academic future. The Profs academic consultancy service can provide advice on the most crucial decisions involving your educational path. We are expertly placed to answer any questions you may have as to whether A Level Divinity is what you need for your long term objectives.

If you are concerned as to whether you know how to successfully manage the workload of A Level Divinity, we can also help. The Profs private tuition will match you with a rigorously selected tutor who will support and guide you through your studies.

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