Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We'll call you after your first tutorial with our specialized A-level further maths tutors to check that everything is going well. After that, you can reach us at any time by email or by telephone from Monday – Friday, and we will be happy to help.

Sadly, we are not able to maintain a team in the office over the weekend for general tutoring, but if you fill in our Contact Form or send us an email over the weekend, we will pick it up first thing on Monday morning. Our tutors are available for GCSE, further maths, and A-levels every weekday.

If you are ever dissatisfied with your tutor or any aspect of our further maths tutoring service then please do let us know; it is very important to take feedback from our clients so that we and our further maths tutors can improve. Usually, issues with a placement can be resolved in discussion between The Profs and the tutor, and the placement can then continue on the right track. Clear and open communication is the most important thing. Where the problems are really insurmountable, we will be happy to arrange an alternative further maths tutor as quickly as we can to help you improve your grades.

Unfortunately, we don't offer trial sessions, but you will have a chance to speak to your GCSE further maths tutor before your first session, usually for around half an hour, to discuss your requirements in more detail and to help them prepare properly for your time together. We also have a student satisfaction policy for the first session, which you can read more about in our Terms and Conditions to ensure you get the best results in your GCSE further maths.

In short, convenience and flexibility. The future of tuition is online, and The Profs are pioneers in this field, especially when it comes to teaching further maths. See our Online Tutoring Page for more information on how online further maths tutoring can help you master the subject and achieve excellent results in your exams.

Online tuition allows students to receive expert subject-specific tutoring from the comfort of their home, no matter where in the world that might be. Sessions are conducted via video call and use online whiteboard software Bitpaper for demonstrations and working. Online tutoring classes can even be recorded for students to refer back to, making it an ideal choice for improving your further maths skills. Online tutoring provides additional flexibility as neither student nor tutor needs to travel for a teaching session. Top further maths tutors, especially for specialist or niche subjects, are often few in number and are often in extremely high demand, so it is easier to find a good match online. The Profs is a world-leading online tuition company when it comes to mathematics. We train our further maths tutors to teach online, so our students get the very best learning experience and excel in their math lessons.

You can read our Privacy Policy here. All our client profiles are anonymous, to everyone except the office team, until we match a student with a tutor, when details will be shared with them alone. The Profs are registered Data Controllers with the Information Commissioner’s Office, and comply with all governmental requirements and recommendations on data protection, ensuring the highest level of privacy and security for your student records and lesson recordings.

No. We undertake to provide the best help and advice that we can, by putting you in touch with the right tutor. We can never guarantee the outcome of the work, however; at the end of the day a student’s success is down to them, to their hard work and ability, and we can only provide support towards achieving that success, especially in math.

Yes. We are extremely proud of our online reviews, available on TrustPilot and on Facebook, where many students have seen significant improvements in their further maths grades. We also store the feedback on all our tutors’ work, so we can make sure that we are confident when we put them forward. Unfortunately, we cannot give out details of our students, but you can read about their experiences in our reviews to see how our math tutoring has helped them achieve their goals.

It really depends on what you are trying to achieve in your math learning, but it’s very difficult for anyone to make good progress with any topic in less than hours, total, and we don’t arrange tuition placements for any less than that. We usually recommend a -hour session to begin with for effective math tutoring, and many students stick with that length. Weekly or twice-weekly sessions are usual, but this is always open to discussion with the tutor, and depending on the time-limit we can always arrange sessions more or less frequently than that. Part of the service our tutors provide is an initial consultation. The tutor will be able to discuss your aims with you, and based on their experience with the topics, will be able to give you an estimate of the time needed. They can also help you to structure your study in between sessions to ensure that you are making good progress in mathematics.

The majority of tuition arranged through The Profs takes place online, meaning that students from all over the world can access the best further maths tutors in the UK (and elsewhere) and benefit from our math lessons. The timing of sessions is always different, and depends on your own availability and the tutor’s schedule. Let us know any preferences or restrictions on your time, and we will do our best to accommodate your math lesson needs.

Definitely not. Our tutors can only provide support which is compatible with universities’ ethical guidelines and the Tutors’ Association Code of Ethics. We understand how hard it can be, but we don’t believe that anyone benefits from plagiarism, especially in math. Things a tutor can do: make detailed suggestions for improvements to coursework essays; explain how to run statistical tests on practice data sets, and how to choose which tests to run for math assignments. Things they can’t do: write material for essays, or tell students what to write; edit or correct written work themselves; run statistical tests or interpret the results. See The Profs’ Terms and Conditions for more information on our plagiarism policies and how we ensure ethical math tutoring.

Matching you with the right math tutor can’t be rushed, but we won’t be wasting any time either. It usually takes around - working days, so do get in touch as soon as you can to give yourself the best chance of success in mathematics.

Your designated Client Success Manager will help you select the best math tutor(s) for your needs. We interview all our math tutors individually, and take feedback from every student they work with, so we’re in a great position to recommend the right tutor for you. Once we have all taken your requirements, tutors with relevant experience will let us know how they can help you improve your math skills, and we’ll help select the best one or two to introduce to you. Ultimately, however, the choice will be yours, so do ask our team for any information you need to make the best selection for your math tutoring.

100% of our students work with a specialist in their field of math. For original topics, like dissertations (especially at Master’s and PhD level) it’s nearly impossible to find a tutor whose research is in the same area; if it were, it wouldn’t be original! What they can do, however, is advise on the best methods, the approach, and the requirements of research at this level in mathematics, and guide you towards the right results.

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