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If you are considering GCSE Geography, The Profs take a look at the syllabus and further study options.

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What is Geography?

GCSE Geography is the study of:

  • Physical environments from tropical storms to rivers and coasts
  • Human interactions with the environment including globalisation, population and development
  • Change and risk in the world around us
  • Urban issues and challenges
  • Physical, human and environmental studies
  • Changing economic world
  • Resource management

Why study GCSE Geography?

Geography is much more than the study of the world around us. This subject also looks at risk and human interaction, environmental change and managing the consequences. If you want to know more about your place in the world, geography is a key subject to study.

Geography is one of the top ten most popular subjects and forms part of the EBacc. The unique emphasis on place and the study of the complex changes that can alter a location is central to the study of geography. This subject is highly dynamic and very relevant. It combines natural and social science with history in a way that lets you understand how human and physical geography interact to create the world around us.

If you’re fascinated by the way in which a range of different factors can make an impact on the physical world then this subject is for you.

What GCSE Geography covers

  • Physical geography which is the study of the Earth’s features and ecosystems
  • Human geography deals with people and their cultures, communities and economies and their interactions with the environment

GCSE Geography covers a range of subjects including:

  • The physical world: ecosystems, natural hazards and the living landscape
  • Human interactions: urban issues and challenges, economic development and resource management
  • Fieldwork investigations related to human and physical geography

How GCSE Geography can help you

You’ll gain valuable skills that are transferable to further study or a wide range of careers:

  • Good communication
  • Working well in a team
  • Developing problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Independent enquiry
  • Critical thinking
  • Empathy for other peoples and cultures
  • Interest in local and global current affairs

These skills are highly prized by universities and employers who appreciate the blend of technical and social skills and will open up a range of opportunities.

What subjects combine with GCSE Geography?

Geography combines well with health and social sciences such as Psychology, Sociology and Biology. It also incorporates some aspects of economics.

What degrees require GCSE Geography?

According to the Russell Group of Universities, Geography A Level is useful if you want to take a degree in:

  • Archaeology
  • Geology
  • Sociology
  • Civil Engineering

GCSE and A Level Geography are also useful for apprenticeships in:

  • Horticulture
  • Surveying
  • Agriculture
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Environmental engineering

Where does GCSE Geography lead?

The study of geography opens up some great opportunities and geographers have one of the highest levels of post-graduate employment. If you decide to study geography at university then you could find one of these careers interesting:

  • International development including charities and aid agencies
  • Environmental consultancy
  • Civil engineering
  • Conservation
  • Waste management
  • Town planning
  • Cartographer

Business, the armed forces and police, government and law also offer opportunities based upon your practical research skills.

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