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A brief review of the A Level Global Perspectives and Research syllabus, together with options for onward study from The Profs.

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What is Global Perspectives and Research?

A Level Global Perspectives and Research is about developing skills and thinking patterns through an international lens. By considering issues that have significance across the globe and eliciting starkly different opinions, there is the potential to enable students to positively engage with the world around them.

What does A Level Global Perspectives and Research cover?

The A Level in Global Perspectives and Research takes this engagement with the world and teaches students how to adapt their outlook, thereby encouraging transferable skills. By reflecting on issues affecting the world, students learn how to research and develop their communication, reasoning and thinking skills.

This course is less about specific topics but instead focuses on the skills being developed. A cornerstone of the approach is learning the Critical Path method of evaluating and analysing different perspectives or arguments. By allowing more freedom with the issues discussed as part of the course, the teacher can steer the group to areas of particular interest both for current world events or relevancy to the students in question.

In terms of assessment, a team project builds the ability to work collaboratively. An important component is an in-depth report on a research question the student chooses for themselves. This report is encouraged to cross disciplines, which provides valuable experience for further study.

What do I need?

Whilst there are no specific requirements recommended for this course, further education institutions often require English and Maths GCSEs so you will need to verify entry criteria before applying.

Where can I use A Level Global Perspectives and Research?

This course offers an excellent opportunity to develop skills in critical thinking, independent research and collaboration that are applicable to many fields of study or career paths. The requirement in A Level Global Perspectives and Research for students to conduct their own research and critically assess the arguments for relevant viewpoints could prove an advantage if they intend to enter higher education.

The critical approach to information that is developed in this course is essential for courses such as Journalism, History, Sociology, Physics, Chemistry and English Literature. In addition, exposure to the disciplined research skills required in this course will help with the independent study expected in any course at university.

Is A Level Global Perspectives and Research right for me?

If you are interested and passionate about global issues, this could be a perfect option. Any student interested in or wanting to develop skills in independent research should consider this course. Many students could also benefit from the critical and reasoned approach to information that it promotes. If you are interested in a wide range of subjects, this course may enable the interdisciplinary approach to unite your passions. The research report can provide the freedom to direct your own learning to the areas about which you are enthusiastic.

An A Level in Global Perspectives and Research could open doors you hadn’t even realised were there and if you are contemplating study beyond A Level, it can provide valuable skills.

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