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Are you considering A Level Hindi? The Profs look briefly at the syllabus and options for onward study.

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Why study A Level Hindi?

The A Level Hindi study programme is for students who wish to progress their skills in the Hindi language beyond GCSE level to achieve greater language fluency and accuracy and to improve their understanding of the language, the people and the culture. It is an ideal foundation for students wishing to progress to degree level study of the language or to improve their career prospects.

The specification for the course is to develop an enthusiasm for language learning and to increase both spoken and listening skills in communication. Students will learn how to translate materials from English into Hindi.

A Level Hindi: course requirements

Students wishing to study A Level Hindi should have a strong interest in learning the language and want to further their understanding from their GCSE studies. Students should enjoy making conversation with native speakers of the language and should be aiming by the end of the course to be confident in holding conversations in Hindi.

A Level Hindi: course focus

A Level Hindi aims to encourage students to become confident in both written and spoken use of the language. Students will learn how to understand and use Hindi in a variety of situations and will learn how to comprehend and extract information, initiate conversations, and make confident and articulate responses to spoken and written questions.

Students will learn more about the culture of the countries in which Hindi is spoken and will be able to converse at an advanced level with people in these countries.

By studying these areas in both written and spoken contexts, students will develop the skills to communicate clearly and confidently in the language and will develop a sound understanding of the nature of language study and the requirements for further study at a higher level.

The communication, memory and analytical skills required for learning languages at A Level provides a solid foundation that can be applied to other areas of learning.

A Level Hindi: course length and requirements

A Level Hindi is a two-year course that builds on the skills and understanding acquired at GCSE level. Students should have achieved a good grade at GCSE Hindi with a sound level of understanding of the vocabulary and grammar.

A Level Hindi: progression

A Level Hindi provides a solid foundation for students wishing to go on to degree level language study, either as the main focus of the degree or as a main component of a course which includes other disciplines. The communication and analytical skills developed also help provide a good foundation for other areas of study.

If you are interested in studying A Level Hindi, but are looking for help and guidance, why not get in touch with The Profs and see how we can help. Hindi text can be difficult to grasp, but a personal tutor will work with you to recommend reading materials and resources to help with this.

Working with a fluent speaker is also a great help to improve your own fluency and they can work with you at the right pace to ensure a steady level of progression, to improve your clarity and understanding of the language. A personal tutor can also provide past papers for you to work through and give guidance on how to approach them.

Our extensive network of highly qualified tutors and education consultants can offer face to face tuition in London or online to give you the skills, confidence and mentoring you need to achieve the best possible grades. We can also help you to decide what your next course of study or career might be.

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