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Why study A Level Hindi Literature?

Studying A Level Hindi Literature gives an insight into the language, history and culture of South Asia. As one of the official languages of India, Hindi is widely spoken throughout South Asia. And Hindi has a long and illustrious literary tradition, ranging from ancient devotional and secular prose and poetry through to modern texts.

Hindi continues to increase in relevance throughout the world, thanks to modern media. The Bollywood phenomenon has spread across most continents, whilst India itself has become a powerhouse of the tech industry.

What will I learn in A Level Hindi Literature?

During your A Level Hindi Literature course, you’ll learn to communicate clearly and confidently in Hindi and you will have studied one or more important works of Hindi literature in great depth.

By the time you complete the course, you should have gained:

  • knowledge and understanding of Hindi-speaking countries, including their culture and customs
  • a thorough grounding in the Hindi language and studying Hindi texts
  • an ability to use your new-found knowledge both for leisure and for further study
  • the ability to be able to integrate into Hindi-speaking communities
  • a positive attitude towards other cultures.

Does an A Level in Hindi Literature give me transferable skills?

Achieving an A Level in Hindi Literature proves that you have an aptitude for studying languages. So if you intend to build a career based around languages, or general education, it serves to demonstrate your abilities in that area.

Achieving a good A level grade in Hindi Literature also shows that you are able to:

  • learn about, and integrate with, other cultures
  • demonstrate an understanding of a language other than English
  • learn and analyse information quickly
  • demonstrate good memory skills
  • show a good attitude towards further study.

What does the A Level in Hindi Literature involve?

To achieve a good A Level grade in Hindi Literature, you will be expected to show that you have achieved a good understanding of the Hindi language, as well as a reasonable understanding of the contemporary societies in which the language is spoken.

The nature of the exams themselves will depend upon the specific syllabus being studied, but you can expect to translate a passage of prose from English into Hindi, write about cultural or societal issues, and demonstrate an excellent knowledge of one or more specific Hindi literary works.

Examiners will be looking for excellent understanding of Hindi, whether drawn from contemporary or older sources. They will also expect you to have the ability to demonstrate arguments in a clear and logical manner, using appropriate examples from texts to back up them up, where necessary.

Where will an A Level in Hindi Literature take me?

If you’re planning on remaining in the UK, your A Level in Hindi Literature will give you access to a variety of further education courses based around languages, together with general education studies. However, it can also serve as a good foundation for those keen to progress in other directions, such as social or government work.

Studying Hindi Literature at degree level in one of the Indian Universities opens the door to a wide variety of careers, including translator, sales, journalism and IT. Or you could opt to stay within the education system, progressing on to become a teacher of Hindi Literature or a researcher in the subject.

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