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A brief look at the A level marine science syllabus, entry requirements and options for onward study and careers.

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What is marine science?

Marine science is the study of the biological and physical aspects of the sea. It incorporates elements of many other disciplines including chemistry, biology, geography, physics, geology and meteorology. It is a wide-ranging, diverse topic covering elements such as plate tectonics, ocean currents and waves and the dynamics of the ecosystem.

Studying A level marine science

Studying for an A level in marine science provides an interesting, informative introduction to the subject. The course typically consists of investigating the scientific analysis of marine environments and ecosystems. It commonly continues by considering the activities of humans and how this impacts the ocean, in addition to how much the human race relies upon it.

Throughout your studies, you will typically learn about underlying concepts regarding the marine environment. These will then be used and applied in new situations and practical ways. Science as a whole is practical and A level marine science usually has a foundation of practical tasks and projects. According to research, those that go on to enjoy success in a scientific career will invariably have a solid grounding in practical skills.

What do I need?

Every institution may have individual requirements so we would always advise checking these before submitting an application. However, in general there are no essential qualifications necessary to study marine science at A level. Prospective students may find it beneficial to have completed a GCSE in biology or marine science.

Where can I use A level marine science?

There are many opportunities following the completion of an A level in marine science. In terms of further study, this qualification would be useful for those considering environmental science or marine biology at university.

If you are considering a career as a marine scientist then A level marine science is a good introduction and a helpful basis for relevant university courses. The area of marine science in which you choose to specialise will help to determine the most appropriate university course but these could include marine science, maritime studies, oceanography, biology, ecology, chemistry, geology, physics, zoology and palaeontology.

There are also significant opportunities for joint honours degrees incorporating subjects such as mathematics or computing. It is possible to embark upon a career in marine science without a degree and this often involves the practical seagoing support roles. If this is your chosen route then A level marine science would certainly be a helpful start.

A Level marine science would also be useful for students considering a career in fisheries, aquaculture (the farming of aquatic animals or plants for food), tourism or shipping.

Is A Level marine science right for me?

First and foremost, an enthusiasm and passion for the subject area is important. However, there are other skills or personality traits suited to studying this area and potentially pursuing a career in it. These skills will be developed further whilst completing the A level course.

Marine science incorporates practical work, as discussed above and this requires analytical and research skills. In considering data, you will need to be able to accurately interpret it so attention to detail is vital. Communication skills will be required as you will often be working in a team or sharing results or ideas with a wider group. Teamwork and the ability to collaborate with others is necessary for these reasons. The practical nature of a course or career in this area can bring its own challenges and rewards.

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