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We explore the A Level Portuguese syllabus, entry requirements and options for further study

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Why study A Level Portuguese?

The A Level Portuguese study programme is for students who wish to progress their skills in the Portuguese language beyond GCSE level. You can expect to achieve greater language fluency and accuracy and to improve your understanding of the language, the people and the culture. Key objectives of the course include developing an enthusiasm for language learning and improving both speaking and listening skills.

A Level Portuguese course requirements

Students wishing to study A Level Portuguese should have a strong interest in learning the language and should enjoy reading texts in the language such as newspapers and works of literature. Students should relish making conversation with native speakers of the language and want to discover more in different mediums such as films and TV programmes.

A Level Portuguese course focus

The focus of A Level Portuguese is on encouraging students to become confident in both written and verbal use of the language. Students will be helped to understand and use Portuguese in a wide variety of situations and will learn how to comprehend and extract information, initiate conversations and make confident and articulate responses to spoken and written questions.

Students will learn more about the culture of the countries in which Portuguese is spoken and will be able to converse at an advanced level with people in these countries. In order to encourage lively discussion and debate so that students can research different aspects of Portuguese society, subjects covered during the course may include:

  • Lifestyle, health and fitness
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Youth culture and interests
  • Culture, customs, beliefs and religions
  • Social issues
  • Literature and the Arts

Through studying these areas in both written and oral contexts, students will develop the skills to communicate clearly and confidently in the language and will develop a sound understanding of the nature of language study and the requirements for further study at a higher level. On completion of the course, they will feel able to integrate themselves comfortably into the communities in which Portuguese is spoken.

Studying a language at A Level also helps to develop a range of memory and analytical skills that can be applied to other areas of learning.

Course length and academic prerequisites

A Level Portuguese is a two-year course that builds on the skills and understanding acquired at GCSE level. Students should have achieved a good grade at GCSE level with a sound understanding of the vocabulary and grammar. Students should also have a particularly good understanding of the verb conjugations. Students who do not have a formal qualification but who speak the language may be asked to complete a spoken and written test to assess their suitability for the course.


A Level Portuguese provides a good solid foundation for students wishing to progress to study languages at degree level either as the main focus of the degree or as a component of a course which includes other disciplines. The communication and analytical skills developed also help to provide a good foundation for other areas of study.

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