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Are you thinking of studying A level Sociology? The Profs briefly explore the syllabus, prerequisites and options for further study.

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Why study A Level Sociology?

An appreciation as to the way in which society is organised is in strong demand by employers and further education institutions. Studying A level sociology will deepen your understanding of the relationships between individuals, groups and institutions. In addition, A level Sociology will develop your ability to think critically about modern society and allow you to reflect on social issues that are relevant to your own experiences.

If you are open-minded and inquisitive about the world in which you live, you will enjoy studying Sociology.

What is Sociology?

Sociology is the study of how society is organised and how we experience life. A Level Sociology takes a critical look at how people interact in groups, how society organises itself by class, gender or race and what impact institutions such as the media, religion or education have on society. Studying Sociology develops critical thinking and research skills.

What is covered in A Level Sociology?

During the course of your studies, you will take a look at contemporary society and consider the significance and importance of theories and conceptual issues. Through active research, you will study a range of topics which will typically include:

  • Key sociological theories and perspectives such as Feminism or Marxism
  • Research methods
  • Culture and identity
  • Education
  • Families and households
  • Religion and belief
  • Crime and deviance

A Level Sociology is an essay-based subject which will hone your ability to analyse, evaluate and develop arguments. Through researching a variety of topics, you will develop a range of skills that will enhance your critical thinking with regard to global issues.

Your studies may open up discussions and debates about a range of issues such as:

  • “How do you investigate inequality in society?”
  • “What impact do developments in digital communication have on social relationships?”

Studying Sociology will help you think about contemporary society and your place in society, encouraging you to challenge and question the status quo in a complex and changing world.

What skills do I need for A Level Sociology?

You do not need GCSE Sociology to study the subject at A Level. It may be helpful to have a GCSE in a written subject such as English, History or Religious Studies as this is very much an essay-based subject. An interest in reading the news will help to relate the topics covered in A level Sociology to the wider world. An appreciation of the importance of research, analysis and differing perspectives is also important.

How is the work assessed for A Level Sociology?

You will be assessed through examinations at the end of your course, which is generally two years. A Level Sociology examinations are mostly essay-based questions with some structured questions.

Where does A Level Sociology lead?

Studying A Level Sociology allows you to develop many of the skills that are desired by universities and employers. A good result in A Level Sociology can prepare you for a range of university courses including Politics, Communication or Social Science. Future careers utilising the skills and knowledge gained from your studies may include journalism, social work, teaching, law enforcement or management.

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