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If you’re thinking of studying A Level Tamil, The Profs look briefly at the syllabus and further study options

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Where is Tamil spoken?

Tamil is one of the most commonly-spoken of all the Dravidian languages, along with Telegu, Malayalam and Kannada. It is one of the official languages of India and is believed to be the oldest of the Dravidian languages and is spoken by more than 75 million people throughout Tamil Nadu, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Malaysia, as well as further afield.

Why should I study A Level Tamil?

The Tamil language opens the door to Tamil culture, giving access to a wealth of Tamil literature, drama and music, in addition to important historical works. Although Tamil people have traditionally adopted a variety of religious beliefs, including Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism, they identify first and foremost as Tamils. A good knowledge and understanding of the Tamil language is essential to that identity.

Because so many Tamil people have moved to other parts of the world, their children are learning new and different languages. There is a concern that young Tamil people are losing touch with their culture and heritage, so studying the language at A Level enables young people to reconnect with their heritage in a meaningful way.

Why is studying Tamil at A Level so important?

The Tamil literary tradition predates even Sanskrit, with the Tolkappiyam being the oldest known work created in the language. Parts of this ancient work are believed to date back to around 200 BCE. Other important Tamil literature, including the Pattuppattu and the Sangam anthologies, also date back many centuries, giving access to an important body of work.

The Tirukkural is widely held to be one of the greatest literary works on the subject of ethics, and this, along with other literary examples, stand alongside some of the finest classical works in languages including Greek, Sanskrit, Latin, Arabic and Persian.

What skills will A Level Tamil give me?

In addition to an excellent knowledge and understanding of the Tamil language, studying the subject at A level gives the student access to a broad range of skills, including:

  • a thorough grounding in the skills necessary for studying another language
  • an understanding of the cultures and societies that speak the language
  • the ability to integrate into Tamil communities at home and abroad
  • analysis of texts and the ability to explore their relevance in the modern world
  • transferable skills, such as improving memory and disseminating information quickly

How is A Level Tamil assessed?

The specific syllabus and exam structure of A Level Tamil varies according to the examining body, but students can expect to study a number of texts written in Tamil as part of their coursework. They will also look at a range of factors affecting Tamil people, such as education, philosophy and belief systems, family and culture, lifestyles and social issues.

Throughout the examination and assessment process, students will be expected to:

  • speak and write Tamil clearly and confidently
  • show understanding of Tamil texts, including from contemporary sources such as newspapers and magazines
  • create clear and logical arguments
  • present information appropriately.

Candidates will be expected to study a number of set texts, answering a number of essay-type questions about their studies. They will also complete a number of written assessments to demonstrate their competence in the language. There is usually a translation element required too.

Where will an A Level in Tamil take me?

An A Level in Tamil demonstrates to higher education facilities and universities that you have an aptitude for studying languages. This is a transferable skill, facilitating access to further study at university or college, either in Tamil or in another language.

Universities around the world, including Asia, offer degree courses in Tamil for those wishing to pursue the language at a higher level.

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