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The experts at The Profs briefly explore the A Level Travel & Tourism syllabus and further study options.

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What is A Level Travel & Tourism?

Choosing to study A level Travel & Tourism could set you up for an exciting career with the opportunity to travel and work anywhere in the world. Tourism is a growing industry with a wealth of opportunity. So, if you fancy seeing the world and getting paid while you do it, this could be the ideal beginning for you.

Why study A Level Travel & Tourism?

As the name suggests, studying A level Travel & Tourism offers you the chance to gain a far greater understanding of the role that travel and tourism as an industry has to play in our society. Every day, large numbers of people travel away from their homes for either business or pleasure and there are thousands of businesses and services in the UK alone designed to assist or enhance their experiences.

Studying this subject will enable you to recognise the scale of this industry globally, the opportunities it creates and to weigh-up the positive and negative impact tourism and travel can have on the environment, people and economy.

What does A level Travel & Tourism cover?

The travel and tourism industry is a dynamic one which has to respond to global changes in the environment and economy. Students will learn a variety of skills designed to equip them with the practical and technical knowledge relevant to this industry. You will typically learn about changes in consumer needs and expectations, how developments in ICT affect the industry and how to deal with the wide range of complex problems and situations which can occur.

Other concepts commonly explored during an A level in this subject include:

Customer focus

The travel and tourism industry is very customer-focused. Many organisations exist to provide products and services for different customer needs when they are travelling. Therefore, in order to be successful, is it essential that those seeking to work in the industry have a good understanding of what their customers need, and how to meet those demands.

Sustainability and responsibility

Tourism and travel both have the ability to positively and negatively impact on environments. The industry has a responsibility to manage such impacts, maximising the positive while mitigating the negatives. Students can expect to gain an insight into topical issues which will stand them in good stead for both careers in this industry and beyond.

Global awareness

The very nature of travel tourism means that changes in political and socioeconomic circumstances can affect the industry dramatically. Equally, tourism is very important to many national economies and therefore the continued growth of the industry is vital.

Change and development

Students can expect to learn that travel and tourism is a dynamic industry that is constantly changing. New opportunities often arise as a result of technological, political, social or economic changes, making the industry ideal for those who may wish to diversify their careers in the future.

Where can I use my A Level in Travel & Tourism?

Being a global industry, there are a wealth of opportunities available for people with relevant qualifications. Of course, you could choose to go on to study the subject in greater depth at degree level. There are many different further education courses available. A Level Travel & Tourism also combines well with subjects such as Maths, Modern Languages and Geography.

Alternatively, career options can be varied and could include:

  • Working as cabin crew
  • Working as a holiday representative
  • Working in hotel management
  • Working as a tour guide
  • Working as a tourism officer
  • Working as a travel agent

Is this the right A Level for you?

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