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Thinking of taking A level Urdu? We look briefly at the syllabus and options for onward study

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Why study A Level Urdu?

Studying another language at A Level is a good choice if you’re interested in finding out more about the world around you and opening the door to some fascinating career options.

Learning another language is an ongoing process that equips you with a range of skills including linguistic ability and understanding. Urdu is spoken by over 160 million people worldwide and is the official language of Pakistan. As South Asia’s most widely spoken language, Urdu is a useful addition to your skill set if you’re considering travelling and working in that part of the world.

Why choose A Level Urdu?

A Level Urdu equips you with the ability to communicate confidently in the language and promotes an understanding and awareness of the countries and cultures in which Urdu is spoken.

You may study aspects of the Urdu language including:

  • Past and present societies where Urdu is spoken
  • Art and culture in Urdu
  • Urdu language texts

What are the benefits of studying A Level Urdu?

There are a range of benefits associated with learning Urdu:

  • Improved cognitive abilities through the study of new grammatical structures
  • Opening the door to the study of rich and diverse cultures and texts that date back hundreds of years
  • The unique sound and graphic structures of Urdu can activate the areas of your brain that help to improve your analytical and decision-making skills
  • In an age of globalisation, the study of Urdu improves your skill set and gives you an edge in the global job market
  • The study of Urdu opens up other Perso-Arabic languages that share the same script and alphabet

Who is A Level Urdu suitable for?

The study of Urdu at A Level is ideal for students who want to improve their spoken and written language skills beyond GCSE level, specifically those who:

  • Want to broaden their language skills to express opinions and be able to justify them
  • Enjoy learning about the traditions and cultures of other countries through language
  • Are interested in the Urdu speaking world
  • Would like to integrate into communities where Urdu is spoken

What skills will I need?

To successfully study Urdu you’ll need:

  • Good active listening and speaking skills
  • Good level of reading and writing skills and vocabulary
  • The ability to be organised and undertake self-directed study

What GCSEs do I need?

  • Urdu
  • Other languages
  • English

Where does A Level Urdu lead?

Studying A Level Urdu can lead directly to a degree course or a combined degree. Universities look favourably on students with linguistic abilities because they exhibit excellent memory and analysis skills. History and Art history, Music, Design and Philosophy all pair well with a continued study of Urdu in a combined degree.

Being bilingual can increase your salary by up to 20% and gives you a head start over other candidates when you’re looking for opportunities with international businesses.

Is studying A Level Urdu right for me?

If you’re interested in the culture and history of South Asia and you would like to find out where words such as jungle, pukka and avatar come from, then Urdu will be a fascinating course of study. All languages give students an edge when it comes to being accepted at university and are considered to be highly beneficial in the commercial world. There are a range of careers related to language study including:

  • Interpreter
  • Journalist
  • Teacher
  • Hotel manager
  • Tourism officer

Languages such as Urdu can lead on to the study of Law, Media and Journalism, Marketing and Publishing or Hospitality and Tourism, for example.

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