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Our Top Academic Writing Tutors

Dr Bess

Dr Bess

1406 Hours Taught

Background Checked

Face to Face or online

Fast Response Time

Qualified Arts and Humanities teacher with more than 20 years’ experience

Dr Bess has been a professional Arts and Humanities teacher and tutor for more than two decades. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Design and East Asian Studies from the University of Kansas, two Master’s degrees from the School of Visual Arts (New York) and University of the Arts London (UAL), and a PhD from the University of West England, Bristol. Dr Bess has successfully supported students with essays, theses and dissertations at top UK universities and provides academic support at undergraduate and postgraduate level. She also equips students with the skills needed to succeed in higher education, including academic writing techniques, time and project management, and research skills within the Arts.


London Metropolitan University

University of the Arts London

University of the West of England

Dr Leonard

Dr Leonard

1160 Hours Taught

Background Checked

Face to Face or online

Fast Response Time

Ex-Vice President of JP Morgan with a PhD in Finance from Imperial College London

Dr Leonard is the founder of several tuition and EdTech companies, including The Profs, Spires and BitPaper, and is ex-Vice President of JP Morgan. The online tutoring technology and methods he has helped to pioneer have now been adopted by thousands of tutors around the world. Dr Leonard also has a Master’s and PhD in Finance, both from Imperial College London, and has previously lectured on Finance, Statistics, Econometrics and more at two of the best business schools in London. In addition to being an expert in his subjects, he has also successfully supported students with applications to top universities and several of his students have gone on to secure leading roles in Finance, Business and Politics.


Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine

Dr Carmen

Dr Carmen

1148 Hours Taught

Background Checked

Face to Face or online

Fast Response Time

Proactive and dedicated tutor with a PhD in Public Health, experienced in teaching Psychology, Education, and Public Health at all levels

Dr Carmen is a top-rated tutor with a PhD in Public Health from Swansea University and many years of teaching experience. She has tutored undergraduate to PhD students in Psychology, Education, and Public Health, helping them to achieve their highest goals in all assignments. In addition to her tutoring experience, Carmen is an active freelance researcher, data analyst, writer, proofreader, and editor, working on projects such as master's dissertations and PhD theses. Carmen is proactive, dynamic, dedicated, organised, flexible, and conscientious, with excellent communication skills and a high exam pass rate. Carmen’s experience and passion for teaching cause her to be a knowledgeable and effective tutor.


Swansea University (University of Wales)

The Open University (Distance education)

University of Lancaster



932 Hours Taught

Background Checked

Face to Face or online

Fast Response Time


Maastricht University

Utrecht University

Yamanashi Gakuin Daigaku


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I went from 43% in first year to receiving a masters offer at the LSE! Having almost failed my first year I decided to get tutoring from The Profs in my second year. Thanks to the brilliant quality of the tutors I managed to score a 1st in my second year and receive an offer for the LSE Masters in Management. A big thank you to The Profs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Ace your essay writing with an academic writing tutor who is at the top of their field.

The Profs work to deliver the best academic writing tuition possible,forto all students at all levels. Whether you need guidance through your GCSE’s, A-Levels, dissertations, university degree or professional qualification, our expert academic writing tutors will help you reach your planned goals.

Our academic tuition is delivered by distinguished academics from the UK’s top university departments, many are published academics. They have expertise in helping native and non-native students develop their academic writing skills by focusing on composition, spelling, grammar, vocabulary and revision.

Academic writing tutoring can also assist you with improving your English, even if English is not your first language. High quality classes are delivered to students,in an online classroom or in London. All our tutoring sessions are tailor made and based on students’ needs and aims.

Profs online essay writing tutors provide support in various ways. The tutor will work with you to improve your academic papers and reports, and they can review coursework assignments  to help you plan your academic writing projects.

Our private online academic writing tutors will be able guide you through the different aspects of essay writing, such as creative writing, scientific and report writing, dissertation writing, reflective writing and referencing.

When writing academic papers it is paramount that your ideas are communicated clearly, for the reader to understand, our tutors will be able to provide you with the skills you need to do this and encourage the use of them. The teacher will help you to follow a process of question analysis before choosing the most appropriate structure for your essay writing and reports. The tutor will encourage you to include a variety of points of view and use a wide range of vocabulary in your essay writing.   

An academic writing tutor will support you every step of the way and will encourage and motivate you. In lessons with your teacher, you may wish to focus on a specific subject or problem you are struggling with. Such as

  • writing in a clear and concise manner  
  • understanding the importance of referencing
  • identifying your goal and communicating it with clarity
  • time management when essay writing in an examination setting, especially at GCSE and A-level
  • improving your level of academic essay writing skills in English if you are a non-native speaker - perhaps preparing for an IELTS exam
  • you may be a maths, management, history or psychology student who needs some essay writing lessons with a tutor to improve your written English skills for your coursework this year

We can provide you with a top private academic writing tutor specialised in the subject you need help with. Our tutors and teachers have many years of experience at all levels of the United Kingdom education system, as well as with all systems in English speaking countries - and lots on non-English systems as well!

Although our head office is in London, United Kingdom; our tutors are the very best available from around the Globe. Most of them deliver lessons online and use a webcam, but it may be possible to have a private tutor deliver face to face tutoring classes by coming to your home, or you going to their home, in the London area.

You will find Profs essay writing tutors will give you the support and training you need and the benefit of their experience in every one to one webcam session. We are sure you will be very happy with your chosen tutor.

By combining your hard work in essay writing tutoring sessions, lots of practice and the support of an expert essay writing tutor, you'll give yourself the best chance of getting the grade you need.

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