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Nikhil - algorithmic trading tutor


PhD Financial Econometrics, MSc Finance, experienced programmer, consultant for hedge funds and independent traders in algorithmic trading.

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  Nairi is a great tutor with a great personality. She saw my mistakes and my weaknesses and challenged me to develop the hidden potentials I had (which I couldn’t see). She is truthful with me and is presently monitoring me to better understand my challenges. I would highly recommend her to anyone within the profs and also recommend the profs to friends and family. Thank you.   


How an algorithmic trading Tutor can help you

Excel in your field or ace an interview with the help of our top tutors.

Algorithmic Trading is a hot new field integrating many different disciplines (Programming, Machine Learning, Statistics, Mathematics, Finance, Econometrics etc.). Everyone can learn to trade according to their abilities and personality, and everyone can make use of programs to systematise and speed up their trading. Even if they want to trade manually, they may still want software which scans all markets for potential trading setups.

If you are new to trading, our experienced quantitative traders will help you to understand how to execute and risk-manage trades as well as determine the correct level of technology and automation for your trading style. We can also develop automated trading software for your platform or broker.

If you are an experienced trader but want to learn or develop a new technique e.g. Co-integration for Pairs Trading, our team can also explain more about the Statistics, Machine Learning or Econometrics underlying the technique and build an appropriate software solution for you.

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