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Amy - Architecture tutor
AmyTop Rated Architecture Lecturer, BA + MA (Cantab) Architecture (The University of Cambridge) MSc Environment and Sustainable Development (The Bartlett, University College London).

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Architect and Experienced Tutor With a Specialisation in Design For Manufacture.

( 50 Hours )
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About Archana
  • Attended:
  • R.V College of engineering
  • University College London (University of London)

I started my design journey back in 2012. Since then, I have worked in multi-disciplinary design fields, both in academic and professional realms. I completed my masters in design for manufacture at Bartlett, University College London. After spending some time in architecture firms, I currently work as a design expert with a tech company in India. My education and work experience has been consistently focusing on various aspects in the world of design.

I spend my free time making digital art, cooking or caught in discussions about innovative design trends in the market.

I passionately enjoy working with individuals in finding creative opportunities within projects. Absolutely love engaging with and inspiring students!


Top Rated Architecture Lecturer, BA + MA (Cantab) Architecture (The University of Cambridge) MSc Environment and Sustainable Development (The Bartlett, University College London).

( 50 Hours )
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About Amy
  • Attended:
  • The Grammar School At Leeds
  • University College London (University of London)
  • University of Cambridge

I am a Cambridge University graduate with an MSc from The Bartlett, UCL. I am an experienced architecture tutor with 2+ years of experience and first class reviews from all my tutees. I teach all elements of architecture with specialisation in sustainable design. I also offer specific mentorship for Cambridge University applicants.


The profs have been an amazing service to use, just what I needed to give me boost in reaching my potential in my studies. Vyvyan was very warm, helpful, patient and proactive and made the whole process very simple and straightforward. He ensured that I received exactly the right prof for my needs and he was spot on! Bernice is very experienced, kind, understanding and easy to talk to. She has been brilliant so far and very helpful and I’m very happy to be working with her as she has given me a renewed sense of self confidence and morale. I would definitely recommend her and the profs to anyone who wants to reach their optimum potential. They are absolutely fantastic and will provide you with what you need and more!