Blog Series: Revision Hacks

Author: Martha
Make The Most of University – A How To Guide For Students

You’ve unpacked all your stuff, waved goodbye to your parents and you’re standing in your room, a shiny new independent […]

Author: Martha
How to Catch Up On Studying When You’ve Fallen Behind

No matter what the reason is, if deadlines are fast approaching and you’re behind on your work, it can be […]

Author: Richard Evans
Easy Study Tips to Help You to Ace Your Exams

Over the past year The Profs has been putting together quick and easy study tips for students on our social […]

Author: Samantha Pitt
Factoring in Sleep When Taking Exams

Taking exams are a crucial part of any student’s school years, and there are many hints and tips to consider […]

Author: Sebastian
Improve Your Exam Technique in Five Easy Steps

No one likes exams. The only way to improve your exam technique is lots and lots of practice! So if […]

Author: Rory
Your 4 Step Guide To Surviving An All-Nighter

So here we are. It’s 11 pm, the coffee is brewing, and you are making an interesting cocktail of pro […]

Author: Richard Evans
Spot The Key Differences Between Top and Average Students

Over my teaching years, I’ve noticed one very important difference between the answers of top students and those from average […]

Author: Richard Evans
Look at My Horse, My Horse Knows How to Study

I don’t have a video of you studying (that would be creepy). But I do have a video of this […]

Author: Richard Evans
Learn This Nobel Prize Winning Study Technique In Just 2 Minutes

Check out this great video on the fabled Feynman Technique and then read on to learn how to our favourite […]

Author: Richard Evans
How To Use The Study Duck To Concentrate On Studies

I swear to God, sometimes I just want to punch a clock. Anything that ticks and tocks but Doesn’t. Seem. […]

Author: Richard Evans
The Best Way To Revise For Exams Is…

Backwards Revision Exams are based on questions. Lots of questions. So the best way to revise for exams is to […]

Author: Richard Evans
You’re Doing It All Wrong: This Is How To Study Effectively

I used to hate them too: those kids who just seemed to turn up to exams after doing no visible […]

Author: Richard Evans
Private Tutor vs Personal Trainer

Q: Why do people pay for personal trainers when anyone could do sit-ups in their home for free? A: Because […]

Author: Richard Evans
The Flunk-O-Meter©

A dynamic, visual, motivating tool to scare millennials into revising harder. It vibrantly captures urgency, time sensitivity and prioritisation. Most […]

Author: Richard Evans
Optimal Revision Strategies: Radial Revision©

By focusing on time left until each exam, we can create better revision strategies for each subject. One great tip […]

Author: Richard Evans
Behold! The Awesome Power Of The Sticky Note

The Power Of 1000 Stickies I accidentally created this method back in my first year of undergraduate studies. I was […]