Blog Series: Self-Improvement

Struggling as a University Student? How To Get Help with Your Mental Health
Exams, essays, university life, bills and work can take its toll on students both physically and mentally. As students, when....
Six Reasons Why Top Students Get A Private Tutor At University
Each week thousands of university students have one-to-one private tutoring with professional university tutors. The Profs is here to help....
Manage The Effects Of Stress On Health And Well-being In 4 Steps
Do you… spend more hours than you can count in the library? Have impending exams? Looming deadlines? There’s no doubt....
How To Radically Improve Your Analytical and Problem Solving Skills
Logical Reasoning, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Pay Big Dividends – Part 3 In Part 1 of this three part....
7 Productive Things You Can Do While Travelling This Summer
Despite what the weather outside may be telling you, summer is well and truly upon us again. And that means....
Logical Reasoning, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Pay Big Dividends – Part 2
In the first article of this three part series we made the compelling case for the meta-skill set comprising logical....
Improve Your Logical Reasoning, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills – Part 1
It’s the most valuable meta-skill set…and it’s virtually free Logical reasoning, critical thinking and problem solving are as consequential as....
Stop Procrastinating With These Three Top Tips
How To Give Up Trying To Avoid The Inevitable We All Do It You need to write this essay. You....
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