Blog Series: University Applications

University Applications
How Do I Get Into Oxbridge? Applying to Oxford or Cambridge University
So you’ve decided that you want to get into Oxbridge? Sadly you cannot double your chances and apply to both....
University Applications
Am I Good Enough For Oxbridge? Applying to Oxford or Cambridge University
So you’re asking yourself the question: am I good enough for Oxbridge? The fact is that there is no one....
University Applications
Advanced Tips to Improve your Personal Statement
We have another blog on how to write a postgraduate personal statement for more tips to get you started. Whether....
University Applications
Rejected from Oxford or Cambridge University? Here’s What You Can Do Next
Getting rejected from Oxford or Cambridge University can be an absolutely devastating experience. Most students who apply to Oxbridge for....
University Applications
Applying for a Master’s Degree? How to Write Your Postgraduate Personal Statement
Your postgraduate personal statement is considered by admissions officers to be your manifesto of academic intent. How you portray yourself in....
University Applications
Choosing the Right Master’s: Top 5 Tips From an Admissions Specialist
Finishing your undergraduate degree can feel incredibly daunting. When you’re studying for your final exams and writing your dissertation, the....
University Applications
Applying For A Master’s Degree? What To Expect From The UK Postgraduate Application Process
So the end of your undergraduate degree is swiftly coming round the corner and you’ve decided that you just can’t....
University Applications
How To Save Thousands By Studying Aboard For Your University Degree
Let’s set the scene. You’re in the final year of your undergrad and are keen to make your mark in....
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