Six Reasons Why Top Students Get A Private Tutor At University

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Tuition, in one form or another, has been around for thousands of years; Alexander the Great famously had Aristotle as a tutor in his youth before going on to conquer most of the known world. However, as the education system has changed, so too have people’s views of when and why you would need a tutor. While in high school it is not uncommon for pupils to receive private tuition, many students of higher education do not realise that tuition is still an option for them. The reasons as to why a student would get a private tutor are sometimes distorted.

We want to run you through many of the reasons that people want to receive tuition alongside higher education and professional studies.

1. You’re struggling to learn from your lecturer

Let’s be honest, while many students have a great learning experience at university, some talented students do find themselves struggling. This can be due to falling through the cracks of support at their university or because of issues with the way the subject is taught. So often we speak with students whose lecturers do not have the teaching skills necessary to ensure their students understand the course content. Lecturers can be incredibly talented researchers but they may not have strong English language skills, which would enable them to share their knowledge. Students often get a private tutor because, through no fault of their own, they have been put in a position where they are struggling to learn.

2. You’ve fallen behind

This is linked to the first reason but deserves its own section. There’s a host of reasons why you may have missed lectures. Sometimes students miss too many of their 9:00 am lectures because of a heavy night before! But some students struggle at university due to illness, poor university administration, and family issues. Whatever your reason for missing classes, once you’ve fallen behind it can be hard to catch up. Students can work with tutors to give themselves that extra boost to get back on top after falling behind.

3. You’ve got big dreams

Tuition isn’t just for those that are struggling. Some students want help to excel further. They get a private tutor because they have big dreams of attending the world’s best universities for postgraduate programmes, or they want to work at the most competitive firms after graduation. This can mean that they need to get top marks on a particular module or they need to deepen their knowledge so that they stand out when applying for graduate schemes. Tutors teach students how to get a first class degree over a 2:1. Tutors can also help students to push their high marks even higher! Some students love learning and want to make the most of their time at university. The Profs is here to help you to do just that!

4. You’re doing an exam in something you’ve never previously studied

There’s plenty of opportunities for you to go outside your comfort zone and explore new areas of your subject at degree level. The main time when this happens is when you start thinking about how to start your dissertation. Often students explore areas in new depth or focus on areas that they have not covered in class at all. Many students in this boat want to speak with a specialist who are also interested in their specific topic and want to stretch themselves even further. This is not always available at university.

5. There’s a gap in your skillset

So you’re a great essay writer but you are suddenly expected to be a master of statistics or you’re a maths whizz but you are required to submit a written essay. We see this conundrum affect students all the time. An otherwise incredibly strong student is required to undertake a task which does not fit with their core skill set. What would you do? Well first you could check out our blog on how to write a great essay. But some students take the step of reaching out to one a tutor who will help them to fill this gap in their knowledge.

6. You want to speak to a specialist

We have already mentioned that top students often decide that they want to get a private tutor because they want to increase their marks. Sometimes students do not have a specific goal like that in mind. Instead they just know that they are enthusiastic about their chosen topic and they want to explore this enthusiasm one-on-one with an expert. It’s not often an option for undergraduate students to have unstructured chats with their lecturers about their subject. Perhaps you’re looking for someone who can give you specialist knowledge and help you to grow your understanding.

So now you know the many different reasons why students may want to get a helping hand with their undergraduate degree. The majority of students want to work hard and achieve at university but due to unforeseen circumstances they can miss out on lectures or fall behind. Most students who find a tutor through The Profs want to challenge themselves and speak to an expert. Does this sound like you? Get in contact with our friendly team and see if we can help you.

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Published on February 28th, 2018 by from The Profs

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