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Over 90% of our postgraduate applicants receive an offer from their first or second choice universities.

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A Track Record of Success

Our education consulting team works with students for university admissions at all levels.

We have a proven track record of success with over 90% of our students obtaining offers from their first or second choice universities.

Here are just a few of our recent successes:


Our Top Cambridge Admissions Advisers

Dr Jack
Dr Jack

PhD in Mathematics from Queen Mary University of London, with over 2,000 Hours Experience Tutoring

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Dr Don
Dr Don

Over 12 Years’ Experience as a Full-time Tutor, PhD in Philosophy of Maths, BA and MA Mathematics from University of Cambridge

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Four Years Law Tutoring Experience, Masters of Law from Cambridge, LPC from BBP University

View Profile Hire Zaneta

PhD candidate in Aerodynamics with a Master’s of Engineering from the University of Cambridge.

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Is The Profs’ Cambridge consulting right for you?

The Profs provides leading application consulting services for top UK universities.

Our expert consultants provide bespoke guidance to assist you with your degree support. The Profs have a proven track record of success, which has been built over seven years. We boast a 90% success rate with students receiving an offer from their first or second choice universities.

What sets our online Cambridge Programs apart?

Carefully Screened

We only accept the best 3% of tutors that apply to work with us. This gives The Profs one of the toughest approval process of any UK tutoring company. This provides our students with the knowladge that they are receiving a first class service.

Highly Experienced

Our tutors are more than just recent undergraduate students. The majority of our tutors have postgraduate degrees and higher qualifications, with many of them holding PhDs.

Inside Information

Our tutors are academics themselves, with many of them having worked in university admissions. They have the inside scoop on what universities are looking for from their applicants.

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How An Cambridge consultant Can Help You

The process of getting a highly desirable place at Cambridge university is no mean feat. This is why many students will seek out a Cambridge tutor to give themselves a competitive edge. The Profs is an online education service where students can get access to high quality private tutoring from experienced professionals.

We are proud of a diverse tutor network that boasts advanced degrees and covers a huge range of competitive and niche degree subjects. All of our tutors have first hand experience as university students themselves and many of them hold PhD’s or Master’s degrees from universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, and Harvard.

We make sure all of our tutors go through rigorous screening processes which include background checks and interviews before they join us. We only admit the finest 3% of tutors! This ensures that only the best people end up working for us, and you have the best Cambridge tutor to support with your application.

We help students with all aspects of the university admissions process, but also help with the more unique elements of the Cambridge application. Our Cambridge tutors guide students through tutorial-style interviews helping them identify points for development and provide technique tips. We also offer support in preparing for the at-interview and pre-interview admissions assessments (NSAA, TMUA, ECAA, TSA). Our tutors help you learn the structure of the test by providing examples and giving you practice problems that force you to think like a Cambridge student.

We provide one-on-one, online sessions, so that we can tailor our teaching methods specifically for your needs. Get your application started by filling in our contact form and we’ll find you your dream Cambridge tutor.

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