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1391 Hours Taught

Background Checked

Face to Face or online

Fast Response Time

Masters of Physics from the University of Manchester and specialist STEM subject and university admissions tutor

Joshua is an experienced Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science tutor, teaching at all levels (A-level, IB, GCSE, etc.) and across most exam boards. He has a Master’s in Physics, with first-class honours, from the University of Manchester. He has successfully supported students with applications to top universities, including admissions test preparation for the PAT, ENGAA, NSAA, MAT and STEP. Joshua helps students with programming and scientific computing in Python, MATLAB, Julia and C++.


University of Manchester



322 Hours Taught

Background Checked

Face to Face or online

Fast Response Time

Experienced tutor and PhD researcher with a Master’s in Computer Science from the University of Bath

Veronica is a PhD researcher and experienced tutor. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Birkbeck University and two Master’s degrees in Computer Science, from the University of Bath, and Education Studies, from the Institute of Education. Veronica’s educational and professional experience, working as a Product Manager at Pearson Plc and an EdTech Consultant at UNESCO, means she has a wide range of specialisms, including Computer Science, Data Analysis, AI, Data Science, Neuroscience, Interaction Design, and more. She has successfully supported both undergraduate and postgraduate students with assignments, dissertations, and research projects, as well as helping them to develop the skills necessary for future research, including ethical practices.


Institute of Education (University of London)

University of Bath



202 Hours Taught

Background Checked

Face to Face or online

Fast Response Time

Experienced Data Scientist with a Master’s in Machine Learning from UCL

Sean is an experienced Data Scientist and private tutor. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Imperial College London, a Master’s in Machine Learning from UCL, and Part III of the Mathematical Tripos (Master's) from the University of Cambridge. Sean specialises in tuition for a range of quantitative subjects, including Mathematics, Statistics and Programming (particularly Python and R), as well as preparation for standardised tests such as the GMAT, GRE and AP.


Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine

University College London (University of London)

University of Cambridge



179 Hours Taught

Background Checked

Face to Face or online

Fast Response Time

Google Software Engineer and experienced Web Developer with a Computer Engineering degree from QMUL

Shahidul is a Software Engineer at Google and an experienced tutor. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and has a wealth of experience in industry, working as a Lead Application Developer at EB Trade, a Software Engineer at Imperial College London, a Web Application Developer at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and a Software Developer at QMUL. Shahidul teaches a wide range of programming languages, including Python, Java, PHHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more, as well as tutoring subjects ranging from Mathematics and Computer Science to Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.


Queen Mary, University of London (University of London)

Adamjee Cantonment College

Peshkar Hat High School


Our Computer Science Tutors Make a Difference


Personable & Reassuring Service

The Profs provide such a great service. From start to finish I felt like they really wanted me to succeed and made sure I was comfortable with my tutor and ready for my exams. I could contact them with any concern and they were happy to tailor to my needs. Oh and I passed!!


Truly Fantastic

What a truly fantastic company! Very friendly to deal with and well organised. I had 2 different tutors, both of whom I would highly recommend, who helped me to achieve me a grade I never thought I could.


The Profs are a great company with a…

The Profs are a great company with a great Team of tutors. From the initial contact to working with the Tutor , everyone that I worked with was helpful , practical & worked to get the best solution for me !!


Very happy with The Profs

Very happy with The Profs, from my initial query to achieving my final grades, it has been all good, all the team were very helpful, thorough, kind and friendly, the tutors were great. I would highly recommend this company


Computer Science (IB HL)

My son needs help in his Computer Science for IB and The Profs found Muhammad for us who is proving very supportive. As a tutor, he allows my son to take the time he needs to reach understanding, he breaks down theory, concepts and problems into simpler steps and his sense of humour makes the lessons enjoyable. He is punctual and communicates by email as necessary in between lessons if there is a question that my son needs 'unblocking' in order to study. My son's CS grades are improving.


We Can make the difference


I went from 43% in first year to receiving a masters offer at the LSE! Having almost failed my first year I decided to get tutoring from The Profs in my second year. Thanks to the brilliant quality of the tutors I managed to score a 1st in my second year and receive an offer for the LSE Masters in Management. A big thank you to The Profs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Ace your qualification or excel in business with the help of our top tutors.

At The Profs we deliver face-to-face and online private tuition sessions on cryptocurrencies to students and professionals at all levels, whether you need to learn about cryptocurrencies for a qualification such as GCSE, A-Level, undergraduate or postgraduate degree level or you want to excel in your area of business by learning about this emerging digital currency. Our cryptocurrency tutors will work with you regardless of your past background. Our tutors have expertise in tailoring there tutoring to the student, so you will not need any technological or financial background to benefit from our world-class tutoring.

A private cryptocurrency tutor will support you every step of the way and will encourage and motivate you. Our Python tutoring will give you the skills needed to help you succeed. You may wish to focus on a specific concept or problem you are struggling with, such as understanding the architecture of different cryptocurrencies, understanding the use of blockchains, introduction to mining currencies, peer-to-peer network, trading and exchanging cryptocurrencies etc. or focus on a practical assignment. We can provide you with a top cryptocurrency tutor specialised in the subject you need help with.

All our cryptocurrency tutors are familiar with the various different currencies in use. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple are some of the most popular cryptocurrencies commonly used for by most people. The Profs can help you understand the underlying principles of use one or all of these virtual currencies. Our tutors have experience in the real world using different cryptocurrencies which will also be an enormous help to you when you need to apply the theoretical concepts to real-life practice. Our cryptocurrency tutors can also assist you with your dissertation, research papers and even help you prepare for any oral presentations.

Cryptocurrency tutoring depends on the level, the experience of your selected tutor, and the exact field of study you wish tutoring. Our system works on a pay-as-you-go model with a one-time registration fee. Undergraduate tutoring starts from £75 per hour and postgraduate tutoring from £90 per hour. Specialist tutoring in very niche fields begins at £120 per hour. School is £60 per hour. Our prices start at £150 per hour for those seeking university application support.

We are extremely proud of our online reviews, available on Trustpilot and Facebook. We also store the feedback on all our tutors’ work to ensure that we are confident when we put them forward. Unfortunately, we cannot give out details of our students.

It depends on what you are trying to achieve, but it’s challenging for anyone to make good progress with any topic in less than 5 hours total, and we don’t arrange tuition placements for any less than that. We usually recommend a 2-hour session, and many students stick with that length. Weekly or twice-weekly sessions are usual, but this is always open to discussion with the tutor, and depending on the time limit, we can always arrange sessions more or less frequently. Part of the service our tutors provide is an initial consultation. The tutor will be able to discuss your aims with you and, based on their experience with the topics, will be able to give you an estimate of the time needed. They can also help you structure your study between sessions to ensure that you are making good progress.

The Profs Cryptocurrency tutors undertake to provide the best help and advice. You’ll be working with an expert who has taught in the crypto space at an advanced level for many years. The tutoring will be tailored to your exact and unique needs and scheduled to suit any timeframe or deadline you may have.  Your tutor will arrange an initial consultation to establish your goals and time limit for the tutoring. After that point, you can use their recommendations and can book as many sessions as you need to achieve your desired objectives. We pride ourselves on our fantastic track record of helping students and their high satisfaction levels.

We find the best Cryptocurrency tutor for you! We only feature a small selection of our tutors on our website. If you see a Cryptocurrency tutor that interests you, you can submit a contact form to book them if they have available. If your perfect fit isn’t online, we’ll find you the ideal Cryptocurrency tutor using our expert matching process. Our Client Liaison Managers will use your information to identify the best tutor from our 450 strong tutor base.

The Profs will expertly match you with a private tutor from our network of professional and supremely-qualified educators. Our tutors are remarkably experienced, many of whom have taught at the university level and hold advanced degrees. Before joining our network, we interview all of our tutors and assess their teaching standards. Only the top 3% of tutors that apply make it through to work with The Profs. Our Client Liaison Managers will take our requirements and approach the best tutors with the relevant experience. We will provide a shortlist of tutors. We are proud that 90% of our students work with a specialist in their exact field of study. Most of our tutoring sessions take place online but can, in some cases, be face-to-face. The lessons will take place at times that suit your schedule and your tutor’s. We’ll call you after your first tutorial to check that everything is going well. In the unlikely event that you’re unhappy with your match, please do let us know your feedback.

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