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Hadar - Econometrics Tutor


Econometrics Lecturer with over two decades of experience tutoring in econometrics – University of London

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    Our econometrics tutors are hand-picked from the best universities and are rigorously interviewed to ensure that they can teach at all levels.

    We help students at all levels, beginner to advanced, university students to professionals.

    We also have a selection of highly experienced and professional STATA, SPSS and EViews tutors who are experts at working with data.

    In fact, we offer a free initial consultation to help us find an econometrics tutor tailored to your needs.

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How Our Econometrics Tutors Can Help You

Ace your course with an econometrics tutor who is at the top of their field.

Our econometrics tutors consist of university lecturers and distinguished academics from the UK’s top universities who know their courses inside out. Econometrics is one of our most popular subjects because tuition can turn this fiendishly difficult subject into a rewarding and highly useful professional skill. We also create unique, fantastic econometrics resources to help you learn quickly and efficiently. We cover all major topic areas from simple OLS regressions, up through panel and co-integrations techniques for economic and financial application, as well as Maximum Likelihood and GMM estimation. Our students are always impressed at how our econometrics tutors bring their understanding up multiple levels very quickly when difficult topics are explained properly.

Popular subject help requests:

  • Probability Theory
  • Bayes Theory
  • Asymptotic Theory
  • Classical OLS
  • Guass-Markov Theorem
  • BLUE vs Bias
  • Multicollinearity, Heteroscedasticity
  • Autocorrelation
  • Stochastic Regressors, Generalized Least Squares
  • Logarithmic and Quadratic Models, Dummy Variables
  • Instrumental Variables, Two-Stage Least Squares
  • Error Correction Models, Time Series Regression, ARCH, GARCH Models
  • Vector Auto Regressive Models, Panel Data Regression
  • Maximum Likelihood Estimation, Generalized Method of Moments

Testimonial about our Econometrics Tuition Services

  My tutor’s intuitive teaching has not only helped me grasp the difficult course material, but the extra supplementary notes created for me have proved to be great revision materials, and saved me precious note-making hours nearer the time of the exam.  

Lee, London School of Economics