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Dr Kate

Dr Kate

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Junior Dean at Oxford with a First Class Honours PhD in Medicine from Oxford and tutoring experience in life sciences and university admissions.

Dr. Kate, an Oxford-educated PhD graduate and medic, brings extensive tutoring experience in life sciences and interview admissions coaching, particularly for Oxbridge. With a First Class Honours BA in Medical Sciences, Kate tutors haematology and immunology at the University of Oxford, leveraging her PhD, medical, and undergraduate biosciences background. Kate is a Junior Dean at Oxford and mentors students into getting into Oxbridge and Imperial College London, specifically into PhD programmes and medicine, by offering interview prep tutorials, personal statement guidance and tutoring on the UKCAT and BMAT. Kate was a biomedical science teaching assistant for several lab sessions attended by undergraduate students, teaching a range of molecular techniques. She has been involved in the UNIQ+ initiative to mentor school leavers and undergraduates applying to Oxford. Kate's notable achievements include published research in Nature and multiple scholarships and prizes, showcasing her academic excellence. Beyond academia, she serves as a Global Health R&D Investment Analyst for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, highlighting her analytical prowess.


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