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Considering GCSE Design and Technology? The Profs look at the syllabus and the options for further study.

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Why study GCSE Design and Technology?

The skills learned throughout your GSCE Design and Technology course will prepare you to confidently, effectively and actively participate in a world that is becoming increasingly technology-focused.

Core technical principles of GCSE Design and Technology

As you will have the opportunity to apply your knowledge when designing and making your creative projects, the course will equip you with a solid foundation of core technical principles that you will continue to draw upon as the course progresses.

This aspect of the course will cover everything from material development, new and emerging technologies, mechanical devices, and the systems approach to design. Here you will build your knowledge of workplace organisation and design, automation and the use of robotics, the impact resource consumption is having on the environment, and the role that technology plays in culture and society as a whole.

Design and Technology plays a significant role in all our lives and you will learn about how it has transformed the world up until this point and how it might affect the ways we work and the decisions we make in the future.

Specialist technical principles

Building upon your knowledge of core technical principles, specialist technical principles will further your understanding of the design and technology industries. With a strong focus on materials, components and production processes, this part of your GCSE Design and Technology course will enhance your practical skillset and help you to make informed choices when embarking on your own designs and constructions.

Selecting the most appropriate materials and production processes is essential to the ultimate success of every design and technology project. It is here that you will learn about the ways in which stresses and forces can affect different materials, how to source appropriate materials and this will prompt you to consider the cultural, social and ethical impact different materials can have on a global level.

Designing and making principles

As design and technology is closely integrated within both wider society and our individual lives, during this part of your GCSE Design and Technology course you will learn how to devise and develop prototypes that satisfy a set of specific needs. This will encourage you to develop solutions that will ensure the products you create will be appropriate for their intended use.

You will undertake a process of investigation to identify specific problems or needs that can be solved by design and technology. Here you will look closely at how real-world designers of the past and present approach the process of creating a product that has a distinct purpose. You will also utilise primary and secondary data to develop your own designs that will meet the needs of your intended user.

What skills will I learn during GCSE Design and Technology?

Throughout the course, you will develop a range of highly transferable analytical and creative skills. In addition to exploring the areas that have impacted and are continuing to influence the design and technology industries, you will have a variety of opportunities to work in a creative capacity.

From learning how to clearly communicate often complex design ideas, you will also learn how to develop prototypes and enhance your analytical and decision-making skills through the selection of appropriate materials and production processes.

You will also have the chance to augment your understanding of the social, cultural and environmental impact design and technology can have, and refine your research and problem-solving skills by identifying real-world issues that you can go on to solve through the application of the knowledge you have built throughout the course.

Is GSCE Design and Technology right for me?

Maths and science are closely linked with the design and technology industries, making this an ideal course for anyone interested in exploring how to apply scientific and logical thinking in a creative capacity. The analytical and practical skills you will learn during the course are highly transferrable and will be beneficial in a variety of fields.

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