GCSE French Tutors

Are you considering GCSE French? The Profs briefly explore the syllabus and options for further study.

Why study GCSE French?

Students studying GCSE French will have an interest in developing language skills, including both spoken and written French and will enjoy learning more about the French language, the people that speak it and French culture and society. Students studying GCSE French will develop a good foundation of the grammar and vocabulary of the French language and will learn how to speak and translate the language in both written and spoken lessons and assessments.

GCSE French: course requirements

Those wishing to study GCSE French should have an interest in learning languages and be prepared to develop their skills in listening, reading, speaking and writing in French. The course will also develop transferable skills, such as memory and analytical, that students will be able to apply to other disciplines.

GCSE French: an overview

By studying GCSE French, students will learn about the language, culture and identity of the French people. They will study local, national, international and global areas of interest which will be of value in further study and in a range of careers.

GCSE French: the course

The course will teach and assess students on their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills as follows:


Students will be required to understand and respond to different types of spoken questions. They will be examined in a written paper where they will be asked to respond to questions in both English and French.


Students will be required to communicate effectively in speech in a number of different ways. Students will be given different stimulus questions such as role-play or photocards and will be expected to make general conversation.


Students will be required to understand and respond to different types of written questions, with examination papers being in both English and French and an assessment to translate from French into English.


Students will be required to develop skills to communicate confidently and fluently in writing for different purposes. Assessment will include examinations with a mixture of questions where students will need to respond to prompts and will be required to answer both open-ended writing tasks and structured writing tasks, with translations from English into French.

GCSE French: onward progression

Students studying GCSE French can continue their studies with further language studies at A Level and on to degree level, or they may wish to combine their language skills with other disciplines. French combines well with other subjects such as business or legal studies to enhance career prospects. The course also develops excellent transferable skills, which can be applied to other areas of study.

If you are interested in studying GCSE French, but are looking for help and guidance with your studies, why not get in touch with The Profs. Working with a personal tutor who is a fluent speaker is a great help in developing fluency. They can work with you at the right pace to ensure a steady level of progression, to improve your clarity and understanding of the language.

A personal tutor can also provide past papers for you to work through and give guidance as to how to approach them and can recommend excellent resources to help you progress in the language.

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