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The Profs experts look briefly at the GCSE Hospitality syllabus and the options for further study.

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What is GCSE hospitality?

The hospitality industry focuses on delivering service to consumers, often in the form of food, drink, entertainment or accommodation. So anyone who works in a hotel, kitchen, bar or restaurant works within the hospitality industry.

What is covered in GCSE hospitality?

Hospitality as a GCSE qualification covers a diverse syllabus. For those focusing on the catering aspect of hospitality, much of the course centres around food, nutrition, catering practices and health and safety. But because hospitality is such a customer-facing industry, aspects such as customer care and marketing will also be studied. In essence, the course will be split into three key elements; learning the basics about the industry itself, customer service and food preparation and hygiene.

It’s worth noting that there are two recognised hospitality sectors; the commercial sector and the catering service sector. The difference between the two is that the commercial sector operates to make money with food, drink and/or entertainment at the heart of the establishment. Whereas in the catering sector the prime objective of the facility isn’t necessarily to entertain guests but catering remains a necessary part of the establishment (for example schools, hospitals, prisons and so forth). Both areas will be studied within the GCSE hospitality syllabus.

Where can I use GCSE hospitality?

A hospitality qualification can help you to progress in several different directions. The very nature of the hospitality industry is that it’s diverse and varied so you don’t just have to focus on catering or food, although it’s true that many chefs and hospitality management roles will require knowledge and experience of the industry. However, with a hospitality qualification, you will also have an understanding of customer service, marketing, concierge services and event planning, all of which can lend themselves well to a range of jobs and industries.

Is GCSE hospitality right for me?

In deciding whether or not hospitality is the right career path for you it’s important to consider your own personality and skill set. The hospitality industry often involves working hard to ensure that people are satisfied. In the commercial sector particularly, you need to be able to ensure that your consumers are happy with the service. Being a people person is essential in hospitality and it can be a bonus if you can speak various languages and are sufficiently culturally aware to engage with different sub groups of society.

Conflict resolution and problem-solving are also key traits in the business. Many of those working within hospitality are expected to go above and beyond in order to deliver the best quality service, so being dedicated and hardworking is also important.

How can I improve my chances in the hospitality industry?

As with most professions, employers like to see an element of initiative and experience in potential candidates. There are many ways in which you can gain experience within the industry on both a voluntary and paid basis. Getting a weekend job in a bar or restaurant will give you some knowledge of the ins and outs of how a hospitality establishment runs. But think about what area in which you are most interested and try to tailor your experience to that.

If you enjoy event planning, then companies such as Oxjam are always on the lookout for volunteers to help plan events. You could even try and organise an event of your own, perhaps a fashion show, themed food evening, comedy night and so forth. Summer camps, ski resorts and cruise liners are often on the lookout for staff in certain seasons to help with all aspects of running their facilities so this could be worth considering.

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