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For students considering GCSE Mandarin, we look briefly at the syllabus and at the options for subsequent study.

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Why study GCSE Mandarin?

The study of languages has evolved significantly in recent years. Whereas French, German and Spanish were once the staples of British language students, globalisation and the dominance of Chinese businesses has made GCSE Mandarin a logical choice. Far from being obscure, it is now widely seen as an essential stepping stone to a lucrative career.

What is involved?

Interested, but unsure as to what is involved? In essence, students of GCSE Mandarin will be tested on the following:

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Speaking
  • Writing

Crucially, you will be taught transferable skills which will help you in the real world, either when looking for work, socialising, or visiting Chinese speaking countries. If, having studied GCSE Mandarin, you have developed a flair for it, the transition from GCSE to A level or college level is relatively seamless.

Will the exam questions be in Mandarin?

For the reading element, the first set of questions will be written in English to be answered in English. For the second section, you will be expected to read and translate a piece from Mandarin into English. This is to test your knowledge and understanding of the written word. The writing element is slightly different in the sense that you will be expected to write a piece that flows well, and also translate a section from English into Mandarin.

GCSE Mandarin: developing your listening skills

The ability to listen effectively is an essential life skill whether you are studying GCSE Mandarin or any other subject. The ability to listen, process and understand what is being said will help you on so many different levels, whether you are buying a coffee at an airport in Beijing, or attending a job interview. At GCSE level, you will be tested on your understanding and ability to respond to different types of spoken language.

Will I be expected to be fluent after studying GCSE Mandarin?

No. Don’t worry. Fluency will come with time and experience as and when you progress to A Level and beyond. By the time you complete GCSE Mandarin, you will simply be expected to have a strong grasp of the four essentials, namely, listening, reading, speaking and writing. You will have a grounding; a stable platform on which to build and progress.

GCSE Mandarin: potential career paths.

You may just have a love of languages, a passion for the spoken word, or a fascination with Chinese culture. However, having embarked upon what many people view as a transformational journey, you may be curious about what your future may hold. Here are a few potential career options for people who have successfully completed GCSE Mandarin and higher.

  • A Mandarin Tutor
  • An English Tutor (working in Chinese speaking countries)
  • A transcriber or subtitler (working with English language media and converting into Chinese symbols)
  • An interpreter or translator
  • A global marketing specialist

Studying GCSE Mandarin will open so many doors that might otherwise have remained closed to you. The potential career path and earning potential with a working knowledge of this language make it a smart study choice. More than anything, it will provide you with an opportunity to spread your wings and explore the world.

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