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For students contemplating GCSE Mats, the academic team at The Profs look at the syllabus and options for further progression.

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What is GCSE Maths?

GCSE Maths focuses on the core principals of Mathematics. In most secondary schools, Maths is regarded as one of the three fundamental academic disciplines, in addition to English and the sciences. A good grasp of Maths will stand you in good stead, regardless as to which career path you choose.

What is covered in GCSE Maths?

Studying Maths at GCSE level usually requires in-depth analysis into common mathematical skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, algebra, together with other mathematical theories such as probability, measures, geometry, statistics and more.

When it comes to tests and exams, students will need to use their learning and knowledge of mathematical concepts to solve problems that are set for them. The ability to demonstrate a sound mathematical understanding and to work through these problems – often derived from everyday scenarios – is key to achieving a good grade at GCSE Maths.

What can I do with a Maths GCSE?

Maths is an essential life skill and something that most of us will use in our daily lives regardless as to whether we choose to study it at a higher level. At its heart, Maths is a logical discipline which is a prerequisite for a wide range of disciplines in further academic study and in the working world. From managing budgets and financial planning through to estimating the probability of something, examining statistics or working out a problem, you are likely to be using mathematical skills and principals.

Maths is a universal language with the key principals remaining the same regardless of country or culture. Maths is intrinsically linked with other subjects such as Physics and Computing. A good grade in GCSE Maths will be essential for a significant percentage of A Level and undergraduate courses, in addition to being a prerequisite for employment in many sectors.

There are a number of careers in which Maths can play a particularly significant part. Examples include:

  • Banking and finance
  • Accountancy
  • IT and technology
  • Data science
  • Chemist / pharmacist
  • Scientist
  • Teaching

A solid foundation in Maths also means that you can consider appropriate undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in order to teach the subject to others either in schools or adult learning environments. Many older people find that they have to go back and repeat their core subjects (including Maths) should they wish to re-train or study in later life so there is plenty of scope for adult education.

How to do well in a Maths GCSE

Maths is a subject in which method and the application of principles and techniques is important. For this reason, it is valuable to show your workings in a test or exam. Even if you eventually arrive at an incorrect answer, you may still get marks for showing that you understand the logic involved in working out the problem.

If you want to succeed at GCSE maths, it’s important to practice. Use past papers and really hone your techniques. This also helps you to familiarise yourself with the type of questions asked.

How can The Profs help?

The Profs provide a wide range of academic consulting and tuition services. You may need some help in determining your future career choices or in making decisions as to which GCSE and A Levels will enable you to pursue your desired course of study at university. Alternatively, you may require some support in the form of one-to-one tuition in order to achieve the best possible result in GCSE Maths. Our experienced tutors can assist in everything from study technique and identifying suitable past papers through to detailed explanation and support in areas of Maths in which you may be struggling with some of the concepts. Why not contact our friendly team for further information as to the support that we can offer.

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