GCSE Media Studies Tutors

Are you considering GCSE Media Studies? The Profs briefly explore the syllabus and the options opened up for onward study.

What is GCSE Media Studies?

A GCSE Media Studies qualification is an interactive, practical course that studies the content and effects of media. The qualification covers the production and consumption of media as well as the history and evolution of media and the way in which audiences can understand the meaning behind the messages they see every day.

This is a contemporary subject that is relatable to everyday life. Media is hard to miss, and students can take a critical approach to what they are seeing in the news and media. In being able to apply what they are leaning to everyday life, they are often more engaged. Students will learn about media industry, the production and ownership, together with the effect of ownership and control.

By taking the course students, will develop an understanding of media theory and practice and the relationship between the two. Some of the theoretical approaches that will be taught will include theories of media representations including perspectives on representation and perspectives on gender and representation. They’ll apply theory learnt on the course to the following media forms:

  • television
  • radio
  • film
  • music video
  • online, social and participatory media
  • newspapers
  • advertising and marketing
  • video games
  • magazines

The awarding body will choose the media forms that will be studied, as well as the associated media products. Those who choose to study for GCSE Media Studies will be able to develop a critical understanding of the media and will be able to interpret and analyse the content and the messages portrayed.

Students will learn the ways in which the media construct versions of reality and how the world is presented by them. They will learn how media producers represent news and events and social groups. They will be able to develop a critical view of the role of the media now and historically and how media influences culture and politics.

Over the two-year course, assessment comprises a combination of coursework and exams. These will test the student’s knowledge and understanding of media studies theoretical framework and contexts as well as their ability to produce and create media for an intended audience.

Why choose to take a GCSE Media Studies course?

A GCSE in Media studies will not only help students to understand the media they see every day, but it will help students to pick up both subject-specific and transferable skills. Media Studies will help students to develop skills that they will be able to use in other subjects; skills such as critical thinking and analysis, research, organisation, essay writing skills and others. Other transferable skills include problem-solving, literacy, teamwork, critical analysis, communication and creativity.

Practically, students will learn production skills. The course can develop practical skills by providing opportunities for creative media production. Undertaking a GCSE Media Studies course will prepare students to make informed decisions about further study and progression to A level or employment.

What can students go on to do with a Media Studies GCSE?

The practical, hands-on nature of Media Studies combined with the transferable skills learnt gives students the opportunity to follow on to further study in Media and other subjects or go on to work in a number of related industries.

Students with a GCSE in Media Studies can progress on to a number of different paths, whether they choose to go on to further education via A levels and university, or employment. There are various areas in which the qualification would be advantageous. Examples include further study in subjects such as Film, English, Humanities and Social Sciences.

Additional areas in which a GCSE in Media Studies would be useful would be a career or study in TV and film production, journalism, advertising, digital marketing, interactive media and web design and post-production.

If you or someone you know is interested in undertaking a GCSE Media Studies course, why not contact the friendly team at The Profs to discover how we can help you to achieve this adaptable qualification.