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Are you considering studying GCSE Music? The Profs academic team look briefly at the syllabus and further study options.

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Why study GCSE Music?

As the field of music is constantly developing, GCSE Music inspires expression and creativity in a distinct way that cannot be replicated by any other subject. Covering a wide variety of musical genres and providing a range of opportunities to engage in practical learning, GCSE Music brings theory, composition and listening together, links it to the surrounding world, and brings learning to life in innovative and engaging ways.

What is covered in GSCE Music?

Recognising that everyone has distinct musical tastes and learning styles, the GCSE Music course has been designed to value all instruments and music styles. Throughout the course, you will develop and apply your musical knowledge, which will encourage you to form a meaningful and highly personal connection with music.

GCSE Music is comprised of three core content components:

Understanding music

Both listening and contextual understanding are assessed throughout this aspect of the course via an exam paper comprised of written questions and listening exercises.

Covering everything from traditional to popular music, you will learn to closely consider the purpose and intention behind each piece. Additionally, you will also learn about the technical aspects that make each composition unique, including tempo, metre and rhythm, structure, tonality, harmony and melody.

Performing music

Music performance is assessed in two parts; a solo performance and an ensemble performance. You can perform via technology and/or as a vocalist and/or instrumentalist, allowing for full flexibility which will enable you to explore the extent of your personal musical interests.

This aspect of the course will also cover production. Here you will learn about music technology and multi-tracking and/or sequencing techniques. You will also have the opportunity to explore your DJing skills, which will cover everything from basic blending techniques to advanced scratching and sourcing sounds.

Composing music

During this part of the course, you will be asked to compose to a brief before being assessed on a free composition of your choosing. Here, you will be encouraged to manipulate and shape your musical ideas to create compositions that are musically convincing and play to your unique musical strengths.

In addition to implementing your knowledge of genre, style and technology at a practical level, your composition should demonstrate a selection of musical elements, such as harmony, dynamics, phrasing, structure and form.

Is GCSE Music right for me?

If you are eager to engage creatively and critically with a variety of music styles and contexts and carefully on the ways in which music is used in the expression of both collective and personal identities, Music will prove to be a very rewarding and highly engaging subject to study at GCSE level.

You will have the opportunity to actively engage in a full spectrum of the study of music and to develop your performance skills as both a soloist and as part of an ensemble. Your musical fluency will develop at every stage of the course and you will assimilate the skills you need to communicate effectively as a musician.

Beyond GCSE Music

Music builds self-discipline, self-esteem and confidence. The practical aspects of the course will allow you to develop your creativity and problem-solving skills, as well as heightening your ability to work co-operatively as part of an ensemble. These highly transferrable skills are valued by a variety of employers and college/university admissions tutors.

If you want to continue on to A Level Music at college level, you will find that this creative subject pairs will with a range of other subjects, including a variety of Science and Arts-based courses.

Additional Help with GSCE Music

You are the only person who can determine whether GCSE Music is the right subject for you, however, there are people with whom you can discuss your options. Equally, if you are certain that this course will allow you to explore your musical interests but have any concerns about effectively managing your workload alongside your other subjects, The Profs tuition service is here to help.

Whether you want to enhance your subject knowledge or improve your marks, a private tutor can provide you with the support and encouragement you need to achieve your full potential.

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