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The academic team at The Profs look briefly at the GCSE PSHE and Citizenship syllabus, together with options for onward study.

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Why study GCSE PSHE and Citizenship?

A GCSE in PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education) and Citizenship Studies enables students to gain the knowledge and skills they need to manage their lives and to understand what it means to be a citizen today.

Students will learn how to play an important and active part in the society in which they live and how to be empowered to make changes and improvements within that society. They will study how a society is set up and functions and will learn about its values. Students will also get the opportunity to make decisions about their life and simulate activities that can demonstrate their ability to take responsibility for their decisions.

In 2015, the UK Youth Parliament consulted almost a million young people on the matter of teaching PSHE and Citizenship in schools; the outcome was that this was considered as a priority.

In recent years, this module has been supported by leading youth bodies such as Girlguiding and the British Youth Council.

What does the GCSE PSHE and Citizenship curriculum include?

  • Business and Enterprise (the current economic environment)
  • Careers (A level options and employability after school)
  • Managing finances (financial awareness, personal finances)
  • Safety (Internet safety, social media, cyberbullying)
  • Healthy lifestyle (alcohol, drugs, sex, puberty, health risks, mental and physical health)
  • Personal identity (self-esteem, roles and responsibility in the society)
  • Relationships (friends, family, negative and positive relationships, peer pressure, sexual relationships, discrimination, bullying)
  • Democracy and justice (local and national government, parliament, the law, democracy)
  • Identity and diversity (citizenship and diversity in the UK)
  • Rights and responsibilities (our rights and responsibilities as members of the community)
  • Environment and sustainability (global warming, how to help the world to be more sustainable)

How will a GSCE PSHE and Citizenship help students to develop?

Students will increase their knowledge in a number of important topics, including local, national and global issues. They will develop the ability to listen to others’ opinions with an enquiring mind.

In more detail, students will gain knowledge of:

  • How to keep healthy and safe, online and offline
  • How to prepare for life
  • How to play a positive role in the community
  • How society is set up and how to be empowered to make a difference
  • How to make responsible decisions about alcohol and drugs
  • How to prepare for their first job interview
  • In general, how to manage their responsibilities as they grow up

Many students believe that education in PSHE and Citizenship has a huge impact on their life and that every student should get the opportunity to study the skills they need throughout their life.

What can students do after a GCSE PSHE and Citizenship?

Students can progress to an A level in PSHE and Citizenship, or choose a college for which this constitutes an entry requirement for other courses of study.

Why is a GCSE PSHE and Citizenship important for parents?

Parents appreciate that this course prepares children for life and not just for academic assessments. Parents welcome the collaboration with the school with the common goal of supporting the personal and social wellbeing of students, especially in regards to mental health and staying safe both online and offline.

Many schools ask for the parents’ involvement when they develop a curriculum for their PSHE and Citizenship GSCE course, to make sure that the topics are appropriate.

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