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PhD Researcher in German studies, MSc German, experienced German tutor.

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How a German Tutor can help you

Ace your language degree or improve your German with the help of our top language tutors.

As well as being the language of Goethe, Brecht, Hesse, Thomas Mann and countless others, German is one of the largest language bases in Europe. With around 100 million native speakers and millions more non-native speakers, German remains a strategic language to master. Not only does knowledge of the German language offer excellent job prospects, with booming markets in the financial and software sectors, but it also provides valuable inroads into societies steeped in history, culture and character. Whether you’re looking to build a career in Germany (or Austria or Switzerland, for that matter!), go into further language study or just want to appreciate the greats of German literature, a good proficiency in the language will open plenty of doors.

German tuition with The Profs can aid you in your studies in a wide variety of areas, with a tailored approach that focuses on your specific needs. With the help of an expert German tutor, you will be able to develop and utilise a deep level of understanding that will safely last you through your exams and beyond. Whether it’s navigating the nuances of the language, widening your vocabulary or concentrating on more specific topics from the worlds of culture, history and society, your German tutor will provide unique insights and adaptable teaching methods to help you achieve your desired level of the German language.

A private German tutor will help you wherever you need it. With a German tutor, you could focus on reading German articles, plays or books, interpreting the various German expressions and even word-play. Perhaps you would like instead to improve (as a beginner perhaps) your understanding of spoken German and detecting the regional varieties of the pronunciation. Or maybe you’re more interested in expanding your vocabulary in German, or strengthen your grammar. Or your German tutor could cover all of these reading, listening, vocabulary and grammar skills in an extensive German tuition program. Whether you need a private German tutor in London or online, we can provide you with the very best German tutors.

Popular German Help Requests:

  • Consolidating grammatical accuracy (cases, endings, tenses)
  • Broadening general and industry-specific vocabulary
  • Building confidence and fluency in writing and conversation
  • Sentence structure and syntax
  • Formal and informal registers
  • Advanced grammatical concepts (Passiv, Konjunktiv, indirekte Rede)
  • Idioms and expressions
  • Set texts (literature, theatre, film)
  • Specific topics (culture, history, society)
  • Preparing for university and official examinations
  • Essay planning

Testimonial about our Tutors and Tuition Services

  Nairi is a great tutor with a great personality. She saw my mistakes and my weaknesses and challenged me to develop the hidden potentials I had (which I couldn’t see). She is truthful with me and is presently monitoring me to better understand my challenges. I would highly recommend her to anyone within the profs and also recommend the profs to friends and family. Thank you.