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Dr Daniel (LLD)

Law Lecturer and highly experienced law tutor. Familiar with all aspects of modern Law.

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    We provide face-to-face LLB law tutoring in London and Online LLB Tutors worldwide.

    Our LLB tutors are hand-picked and rigorously interviewed.

    They work with students at all levels – from beginner to advanced – from all over the world.

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  It has been an absolute pleasure to liaise back and forth with Ramsay, he has supported me through a difficult period in relation to completing my dissertation. I always receive constructive feedback from him and he explains things in such a simplistic way that I do not feel overwhelmed during our sessions. Ramsay always ends the sessions with a plan and doing this helps me to continue on with my dissertation until our next session.

Without Ramsay’s help I would have struggled to ‘structure my dissertation’ so I have been lucky to have him as my dissertation tutor. I highly recommend Ramsay to other students, he is very knowledgeable, easy to get along with and he has been flexible to my hours.

I cannot provide any comment on ‘improvements’ because he delivers his tutoring role to such a high standard that I can not fault his methods. He has shared so much of his knowledge with me and I greatly appreciate all the support, guidance and advice I have received.  

How LLB Tutors can help you

Ace your degree or excel in your field with the help of our top tutors.

We at The Profs are specialised in law and deliver the best LLB tuition to students regardless of level. Whether you need support for one of your LLB modules , help with organising your time or an all-round intensive preparation for an examination, our expert LLB tutoring can help you reach your goals and get you the results than you want from your degree. Our LLB tutors consist of distinguished academics from the UK’s top law university departments. They have expertise in helping students develop their skills in writing, reasoning, defending a position and reading comprehension while also focusing on time management and anxiety control.

High quality tuition (online or in London) in law preparation can be delivered in tutorials. All our tutoring sessions are tailor made and based on students’ needs and aims. Our LLB tutors provide extensive support in various ways. They will work with you to work out solutions and improve on past papers, and they can review worksheets to plan and implement your preparation.

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