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Dr Giovanna

Professional Maths Tutor – 16 years of experience at all levels of teaching

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  Very happy as son got first choice uni. Really pleased with our maths tutor Steve. Taught syllabus well and created excitement about maths. Very professional all round. Would definitely use The Profs again.  

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Ace your exam with mathematics tutors at the top of their field.

Maths is hard. It is the language of science and can seem daunting to the novice. Enter The Profs’ mathematicians to show you how simple it can be with proper guidance and support. We will provide you with a logical, step-by-step and easy-to-follow approach to solving equations and understanding their significance. There’s no better way to learn maths than to drop the textbook and have maths lessons with an experienced and professional private maths tutor who can guide you through problem sets and exercises. Whether you are a university student and need a university level maths tutor, need a mathematics degree tutor, have a child needing an A Level maths tutor or GCSE maths tutor, or are a professional who needs to sit a maths test: Whatever your needs, once we teach you the short-cuts and tricks of the discipline, you’ll have no problem tackling even the most challenging problem set, assignment or exam.

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