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Over 90% of our postgraduate applicants receive an offer from their first or second choice universities.

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A Track Record of Success

Our education consulting team works with students for university admissions at all levels.

We have a proven track record of success with over 90% of our students obtaining offers from their first or second choice universities.

Here are just a few of our recent successes:


Our Top MBA Admissions consultants

Dr Amar
Dr Amar

FA Charter Holder, Former lecturer of Economics at Stanford University, PhD in Economics

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Chartered Certified Accountant and a Top-Rated Business and Finance Tutor

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Dr Franz
Dr Franz

Former Lecturer and Highly Experienced Tutor Specialising in Statistics, Mathematics and Actuarial Science

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These are The Profs’top 1% of tutors who have a proven track record of success in admissions

Is The Profs’ MBA consulting right for you?

The Profs provides leading application consulting services for top UK universities.

Our expert consultants provide bespoke guidance to assist you with your degree support. The Profs have a proven track record of success, which has been built over seven years. We boast a 90% success rate with students receiving an offer from their first or second choice universities.

What sets our online MBA Programs apart?

Carefully Screened

We only accept the best 3% of tutors that apply to work with us. This gives The Profs one of the toughest approval process of any UK tutoring company. This provides our students with the knowladge that they are receiving a first class service.

Highly Experienced

Our tutors are more than just recent undergraduate students. The majority of our tutors have postgraduate degrees and higher qualifications, with many of them holding PhDs.

Inside Information

Our tutors are academics themselves, with many of them having worked in university admissions. They have the inside scoop on what universities are looking for from their applicants.

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How An MBA consultant Can Help You

Applying to business school for a postgraduate degree is an involved process that requires a lot of time and effort. With the help of The Profs, however, an MBA (Master of Business Administration) application needed be such a daunting task. The Profs provide MBA mentors to help you through the admissions process. Our student-tailored mentoring programmes covers all the aspects an applicant might need support with. The Profs’ MBA mentors work with both professionals and current undergraduate students, to ensure that everyone starts the preparation process at the right time.

The Profs’ MBA mentors help students to find the ideal references, craft perfect CVs, and to ace interviews. We specialise in tutoring applicants to achieve better marks across all sections of the GMAT, including support on analytical writing, Integrated reasoning (graphics and table analysis), quantitative aptitude (analytical reading and problem solving, and verbal reasoning. The Profs also have IELTS (International English Language Testing System) tutors on hand to support international applicants meet the requirements needed to earn an MBA place.

The Profs also only work with the very best tutors, turning away 97% of applications, so you know that your MBA mentor will be an expert in their field and will have attended a elite university, such a Princeton, Stanford or Oxford.

Our team provide step-by-step guidance on what you need to do at every stage in your application journey with handy reports, so you can see your development through the mentoring process. Our mentoring is entirely one-on-one and personalised advice, enabling you to put forward a unique application that will help you stand out as the student most worthy of a MBA university place.

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