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A Recipe for Success

While every student is different, our education consultants have found a universal skill set that all students should focus on for academic improvement; this is at the core of all of our mentoring programs.

  • Time Management
  • Essay Structuring
  • Self-study Planning
  • Motivation Development
  • Long term Goal Planning
  • Academic Stress Management

Our Services

Fundamental Skills Mentoring Program

If you are looking for a grade push but do not need specific subject support our Fundamental Skills Mentoring Program may be of help to you. A subject-specific education consultant will aim to offer added support to make sure you have the necessary skills to succeed in your studies.

Immersive Student Mentoring Programs

Our premium mentoring program provides holistic support alongside a team of tutors to tackle every aspect of a student’s academic program. This program is immersive and aims to drastically alter a student’s academic outlook.

Goal-Specific Mentoring Programs

Should you have a specific goal in mind such as a dream career or a particular postgraduate program, we can develop a mentoring program to prepare you to achieve this. We will work in tandem with our applications team and our tuition team where necessary.

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Why Choose Us

Higher Education Focused

We are the only educational consulting firm that specialises in Higher Education; whether you are already at university, or you’re aiming to get there, we are the best for you!

Dedicated Managers

Each client is introduced to their own dedicated mentoring manager who will be on hand to help with any problems or questions they have.

Over 400 Specialists

The Profs has the UK’s largest private network of admissions tutors, PhD consultants and industry experts, with over 400 vetted professionals.

Interrelated Services

No matter what comes out of your mentoring, The Profs has you covered. We are the UK’s #1 higher education tuition provider and applications specialists.

Constant Research

Research into pedagogy to keep up with changing teaching styles and processes.

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Fundamental Skills Mentoring Program
£300+ per week
Immersive Student Mentoring Program & Goal-Specific Mentoring Programs
Price on application

Our Team

We are a world-class team of academics and pastoral staff from the UK’s leading universities who provide expert consultancy and guidance. We’re here to help you push your grades up and achieve the best long term outcome possible, be that for A-Level, undergraduate or postgraduate.

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