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Neuroscience Tutors

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Lecturer in Cell Biology and Neuroscience. Researcher in Embryology. Professional Neuroscience Tutor.

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    We provide face-to-face Neuroscience tuition in London and Online Neuroscience Tutors worldwide.

    Our Neuroscience tutors are hand-picked and rigorously interviewed.

    They work with students at all levels – from beginner to advanced – from all over the world.

    Call us for a consultation and we will find a Neuroscience tutor tailored to your exact needs.

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    Our tutor’s rates start from £52/h and rise up to £120/h depending on experience and demand. Our fee is a one-off and refundable charge of £50.

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  Nairi is a great tutor with a great personality. She saw my mistakes and my weaknesses and challenged me to develop the hidden potentials I had (which I couldn’t see). She is truthful with me and is presently monitoring me to better understand my challenges. I would highly recommend her to anyone within the profs and also recommend the profs to friends and family. Thank you.  

How a Neuroscience Tutor can help you

Ace your degree or excel in your area with the help of our top Neuroscience tutors.

Here at The Profs we offer private tuition to students of neuroscience regardless of level. Whether you are starting a BSc in neuroscience, finalising an MSc degree or completing a postgraduate PhD. Our tutors consist of talented neurologists with clinical experience as well as very successful academics from the UK’s top universities. Our private tutors have a range of expertise helping students in different areas such as biochemistry, molecular biology and cell development and chemistry. We will work with you to make you feel comfortable and confident with difficult concepts within your degree. Understanding these complex concepts is usually the key to succeeding in your studies and obtaining high marks in your exams.

All our tutoring sessions are tailor-made and based on students’ needs and aims. Our neurology tutors provide extensive support in various ways. They will work with you to work out solutions to problems and past exam papers, and they can review worksheets and assignments to plan and implement your projects. Neuroscience tutoring will support you every step of the way and will encourage and motivate you. You may wish to focus on a specific subject you are struggling with, such a neurobiology, genetics, neuroscience, neuroanatomy or mammalian physiology etc. We can provide you with a top neuroscience tutor specialised in the subject you need help with.

Our neuroscience tutors can also assist you with your research projects, and even help you prepare for oral presentations. In addition to this then can help you implement your neuroscience projects, essays and dissertation. The Profs can also offer you a top online tutor whether you are a student studying in London or elsewhere.

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