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Strikes Continue Among University Students

This month, 15,000 students will come together to strike over the fact that they have been required to continue paying rent for accommodation they are not using due to the restrictions created by the Covid-19 pandemic. Students at up to 50 UK universities will also withhold their rent payments in

Fine warning issued – online university teaching must not compromise quality

The university regulator for England, the Office for Students, has warned higher education establishments that they must “honour their promises” to incoming students. The watchdog is, according to its chief executive Nicola Dandridge, “actively monitoring” the quality of online degrees, which must remain at a high standard whenever teaching moves

Scrap GCSEs and adopt baccalaureate, says Conservative MPs’ group

A group of centrist Conservative MPs have called for a “radical” overhaul of England’s school exam system. In a new document, the One Nation group of moderate Conservative MPs make the case for using the coronavirus crisis to open up fresh thinking about the exam system. They advocate ditching GCSE

Newcastle and Northumbria universities join pivot to online-only teaching

The universities of Newcastle and Northumbria have transferred all teaching online amid accusations that undergraduates were falsely led into believing that they would have access to a ‘full campus experience’. The shift to online-only teaching will start from today (8th October) for an initial period of three weeks. Only ‘essential’

Scottish National 5s cancelled next year as COVID-19 restrictions tighten

National 5 exams, Scotland’s equivalent of GCSEs in England and Wales, are set to be cancelled next year, to be replaced with a blend of coursework attainment and teacher-estimated grades. The decision was announced yesterday (7th October) by the Scottish Education Secretary John Swinney, who said that proceeding with all

Independent heads call for new era of collaboration with state schools

A top head teacher at an elite private school is calling for greater awareness of the role that private schools can play in helping to “heal” the “multiple wounds” inflicted on society by the coronavirus crisis. Sally-Anne Huang, the first female High Master of the prestigious St Paul’s School in

Three universities switch to online teaching amid calls for strike action

The struggle to keep university campuses open appears to be unravelling, with three of the biggest higher education establishments in the UK calling for a suspension of face-to-face teaching. At least 5,000 students and staff from over 80 universities in Britain have now tested positive for COVID-19. The University of

Plans to cut course content for 2021’s exams under review

Five education groups, including teaching unions, have urged the government to pare back the course content for next year’s GCSE and A-level exams, and prioritise coronavirus testing for youngsters preparing to sit them. The proposals, which are currently under review by ministers, include requiring exam boards to devise papers with

Unions denounce Education Secretary’s calls for impartial teaching as right-wing

Efforts by the Education Secretary Gavin Williamson to emphasise the requirement for teachers to remain politically impartial in the classroom have met with furious reactions from teaching unions. During an interview with his former politics teacher at the virtual Conservative Party Conference, Williamson underlined the necessity for complying with new

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