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5th October 2020

Children with special educational needs absent as COVID-19 restrictions deepen provision crisis

New official statistics reveal that nearly a fifth of children with special educational needs are not attending school, with parents complaining that their children are effectively being excluded by the government’s rigid COVID-19 containment measures. The latest data from the Department for Education (DfE) shows that 81% of pupils in
5th October 2020

Hundreds more university students quarantined after positive COVID-19 test results

A spokesperson for the University of Northumbria has revealed that 770 students have returned positive coronavirus test results since the campus reopened in mid-September. Just 78 of them, however, were displaying any symptoms. All have been required to self-quarantine for 14 days. Meanwhile, 94 students at Newcastle University have also
2nd October 2020

Government prompts angry union backlash over emergency distance-learning directive

Schools will be legally compelled to provide the same lessons to pupils quarantining at home as school attendees under Coronavirus Act powers. The move immediately incurred the wrath of teaching unions, who said that it was a “grave error” to use legal compulsion, warning that this could needlessly harm the
2nd October 2020

Schools must reject “divisive” critical race theory “indoctrination”

An education expert has warned that as Black History Month begins, teachers should eschew the “divisive ideology” of critical race theory (CRT) and take a more balanced approach using truthful historiography and substantive knowledge. Writing in the Telegraph, Calvin Robinson, a school governor and former assistant principal who is himself
1st October 2020

No correlation between school reopenings and COVID-19 rates, says study

New research has found no link between the reopening of schools after lockdowns and holidays and rising COVID-19 infection rates. Insights for Education (IfE), an independent educational foundation in Zürich, analysed data from 191 countries. While no link could be demonstrated between school reopenings and COVID-19 rates, the study calculated
1st October 2020

Ex-minister excoriates teachers who bring political bias into classrooms

A former Conservative cabinet minister has been sharply critical of teachers who promote ideologically biased, left-wing views in classrooms. The practice, she said, was alienating working-class pupils from their schools by attacking their “family’s beliefs”. Former Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey was addressing the ‘Blue Collar Conservatism’ conference in
30th September 2020

University teaching may shift online to allow students home for Christmas

The Education Secretary Gavin Williamson has told the House of Commons that face-to-face teaching in some of England’s universities may be suspended before the end of term to allow any self-quarantining students time to return home safely for Christmas. Williamson did not, however, endorse calls for a total switch to
30th September 2020

Number of fully open schools declines as backbench rebellion against COVID-19 restrictions grows

The most recent official figures have shown a rise in the number of state secondary schools designated as “not fully open” over the last week. Data from the Department for Education (DfE) reveals that as of Thursday 24th September, 84% of schools in England were fully open, dropping from the
29th September 2020

PM announces new upskilling initiative to help ameliorate COVID-19 unemployment

Adults are to be offered free college courses to help them reskill in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, even if they have no A-level or equivalent qualifications, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is to announce. Johnson is to formally announce the measure today (29th September). Labour is already describing the
29th September 2020

Refund and distance learning calls grow as campus COVID-19 rates climb

Suspected outbreaks of COVID-19 have been reported in more than 40 UK universities, forcing thousands of students into self-quarantine as the new academic year begins. The most recent college to temporarily ban face-to-face teaching due to a COVID-19 outbreak is the University of Aberystwyth in South Wales. The government, however,

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