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England’s CMO: Missing school more harmful to children than COVID-19

England’s chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty said on Saturday night that children were considerably more likely to suffer long-term harm by not returning to school than by COVID-19 infection. Professor Whitty was speaking on behalf of all chief and deputy chief medical officers across the UK, whose joint statement

Government lifts cap on medical, dentistry and veterinary schools

The Department for Education announced yesterday (20th August) that the cap on places in medicine, dentistry and veterinary science degrees will be lifted for all domestic students in England with the requisite grades. Students who initially thought that they had lost their places due to Ofqual’s downgrading of their teacher-estimated

Grade inflation soars as schools consider appealing excessive Ofqual upgrades

The government’s exam results misery continues, with head teachers in England now considering appealing against rogue spikes in GCSE results published yesterday. BBC News reports that this year’s grades, which were predominantly based on teacher assessments after the exam regulator’s algorithmic national moderation system was discredited, were substantially higher than

Government considering increasing medical school places after A-level debacle

As the crisis surrounding this year’s A-level grades continues, ministers are now exploring enlarging the number of medical school places this year in an effort to ease the turmoil. After a massive backlash over Ofqual’s handling of A-level results following the cancellation of exams this year, Education Secretary Gavin Williamson

Britain’s 2020 exam chaos spreads to BTec results

While hundreds of thousands of teenagers are receiving their GCSE results today (Thursday 20th August), those awaiting their BTec results will have to wait a little longer, as 2020’s exam chaos also spreads to these qualifications. After a furious backlash against exam regulators’ moderation process this year, students in England,

Senior sackings may follow A-level results fiasco

A former senior civil servant has stepped into a simmering behind-the-scenes conflict between the beleaguered Education Secretary Gavin Williamson, the head of Ofqual and the current Department for Education (DfE) permanent secretary, urging against any “scapegoating” of officials. Signs that Williamson is furious with both first emerged publicly when he

Medical schools in admissions crisis after A-level results U-turn

The government’s A-level results nightmare continues, with ministers coming under intense pressure to lift the cap on medical school places this year. The calls come after this week’s A-level results U-turn threw university admissions plans into disarray. A significant number of this year’s prospective medical students who had secured conditional

School reopenings safe as children pose minimal COVID-19 risk

A specialist in paediatrics and vaccinology from Oxford University has explained that children are at minimal risk of either suffering symptoms or spreading COVID-19 and that the full reopening of schools in September is both safe and necessary. Writing in the Guardian, Dr Matthew Snape, Associate Professor of Paediatrics and

Universities in admissions turmoil after government’s exam results U-turn

The Education Secretary’s volte-face on Monday over this year’s exam results has left universities facing turmoil, with Oxford and Cambridge colleges about to let down 1,500 students. After a storm of protest following the release of A-level results last week, Education Secretary Gavin Williamson announced on Monday that students this

Second Oxford college accepts all students offered places after exam fiasco

Following shortly after a similar decision by Oxford University’s Worcester College, a second Oxford college has announced that it will accept all students who were offered places irrespective of their A-level results this year. Wadham College announced over the weekend that it would not let the A-level gradings debacle of

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