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Our Top PAT Tutors

Dr Claire

Dr Claire

1880 Hours Taught

Background Checked

Face to Face or online

Fast Response Time

Oxford graduate and qualified Science teacher with a PhD in Molecular Biochemistry and Chemical Biology

Claire is an Oxford graduate and veteran secondary-level Science teacher. She holds a PhD in Molecular Biochemistry and Chemical Biology from Oxford University, where she was also a graduate scholar and had her research patented. She has a 100% student satisfaction rate and has supported many students with their applications for Oxbridge and other top UK universities for Science. She has over 10 years of teaching experience in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics, and is incredibly organised and diligent in her tutoring style, caring deeply about all of the students she works with. As a result, Claire came Runner-Up in the award for Best Secondary-Level Tutor at the industry-wide National Tutoring Awards in 2022.


Cardiff University

University of Oxford

Dr David

Dr David

1678 Hours Taught

Background Checked

Face to Face or online

Fast Response Time

Highly experienced Physics and Mathematics tutor with a PhD in Engineering from Imperial College London

David is a highly experienced Physics and Mathematics tutor with a wealth of experience supporting students with university applications. He holds a PhD in Engineering from Imperial College London as well as being a fully qualified Science teacher. David was also a Lecturer in Physics, a Senior Lecturer in Materials, and a tutor at Imperial for 26 years, where he gained first-hand experience of the Imperial admissions process. He also won the Rector’s award for excellence in teaching at Imperial College twice. As well as Physics, Maths and Engineering tuition, David helps students with preparation for admissions tests such as the GAMSAT and other school and university-level exams.


Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine

University College London (University of London)

University of Bristol



537 Hours Taught

Background Checked

Face to Face or online

Fast Response Time

Experienced Physics and Maths tutor with a PhD in Physics from ETH Zurich

Leonardo is an experienced Physics and Maths tutor. He studied the Natural Sciences Tripos at the University of Cambridge, for which he received a full scholarship, graduating with a first-class in both his Bachelor’s and Master’s. Leonardo also has a PhD in Physics from ETH Zurich, where he specialised in Magnetism and Electron Microscopy. He has successfully supported students with A-levels, IBs, iGCSEs, and both undergraduate and postgraduate university modules. In addition to subject tuition, Leonardo offers application support for students applying to study Physics and Maths at top universities, including preparation for admissions tests (including Oxford’s PAT), personal statement development, and interview preparation.


University of Cambridge

ETH Zurich


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I went from 43% in first year to receiving a masters offer at the LSE! Having almost failed my first year I decided to get tutoring from The Profs in my second year. Thanks to the brilliant quality of the tutors I managed to score a 1st in my second year and receive an offer for the LSE Masters in Management. A big thank you to The Profs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Get into your desired University with the help of our top tutors.

The Physics Aptitude Test is often a crucial first step to a student's physics or engineering education and later professional success. Preparing for this aptitude test requires a good study plan, excellent time management and some encouragement.

Studying for the PAT means that you are at a stage where you must cope with the pressure of college or sixth form as well as deal with the stress of university applications. A PAT tutor will guide you every step of the way as well as motivate and encourage you. You may wish to focus on a specific problem you're struggling with, or a subject you feel unsure about, such as, elementary mathematics, algebra, waves and optics etc. We can provide you with a top PAT tutor specialised in the subject you need help with for your PAT exam.

Here at The Profs, we have dedicated tutors within the field of physics who will be able to assist students at whichever level they are working at. Whether you need assistance for one of two sections of the PAT, help with organising your time or an all-around intensive preparation for all the PAT sections, our experienced PAT tutors can help you reach your goals and get you access to your chosen course at any Oxford College. Our PAT tutors consist of distinguished academics from the UK's top physics departments.

The Profs' PAT tutors provide extensive support in various ways. They will work with you to work out solutions and improve on PAT practice test, and they can review worksheets to plan and implement your PAT preparation. We offer physics aptitude test tutors within London and for those who live elsewhere, world-class online tuition is also available for students.

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