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PhD Cross-Cultural Pedagogy, FRAI (Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute), BA + BSc Philosophy & Politics, Psychology, MA Sociology of Beliefs.

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Critical thinking forms the very core of philosophy as an academic discipline. Philosophers help construct theories which attempt to explain the essential ideas which inform the Physical and Social Sciences, but also commercial subjects, as well as a wide range of subjects such as Nursing and the Arts. They also comment on Aesthetics (Film Studies), Ethics, Rationality and Logic.
Philosophy is more than just learning about philosophers. It is a way of ‘thinking’: critical thinking underpins almost every subject in the curriculum. We at The Profs assist students learning at all academic levels, whether you need a GCSE Philosophy tutor or a Religious Studies tutor, an A-level Philosophy tutor or maybe you’re looking for a university philosophy tutor, we will match you up with the best philosophy tutors so you can achieve your goals. A philosophy tutor can help you to reconsider how to approach the subject, especially in your academic writing. From planning your dissertation to perfecting the structure and eventually writing it, your home or online philosophy tutor will support you through all these stages. Our philosophy and ethics tutors can help with academic essays, dissertations and theses. Our Philosophy Tutors will show you the way to solving your academic questions and improve your confidence.
We deliver face-to-face and online private philosophy tuition to students at all levels. Learn from top philosophers who have attended the world’s leading academic institutions. We have a flawless track record in supporting philosophy students at all levels and have exceeded their expectations every time.

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  • GCSE Philosophy and Ethics
  • A-level Philosophy
  • University Degree Philosophy:
  • Philosophical arguments
  • Professional Ethics
  • Duty & Obligation
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Dialectics
  • Ontology
  • Epistemology
  • Existential Philosophy
  • Being
  • Time and motion studies
  • Viewer/ audience
  • Sketchbook

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  Nairi is a great tutor with a great personality. She saw my mistakes and my weaknesses and challenged me to develop the hidden potentials I had (which I couldn’t see). She is truthful with me and is presently monitoring me to better understand my challenges. I would highly recommend her to anyone within the profs and also recommend the profs to friends and family. Thank you.