Who are The Profs?

From Left-to-Right: Vyvyan Almond (Senior Client Manager), Richard Evans (Founder), Rory Curnock-Cook (Managing Director), Suzy Ferreira (Partner), Joe Robbins (Client Manager), Leo Evans (Partner)
Richard Evans

Richard Evans – Founder

Rory Curnock

Rory Curnock-Cook
– Managing Director

Vyvyan Almond

Vyvyan Almond
– Senior Client Manager

Private Tutors in London

We connect students, professionals and companies that are in need of academic help with a network of highly-qualified professional private tutors and education consultants. Our philosophy is to create a global knowledge sharing economy whereby high-value-added and personalised academic support can be provided to students at all levels in any subject.

The Profs is a collective of 250+ vetted educators that have worked with around 1000 students globally in subjects as diverse as finance, statistical modelling, econometrics, epidemiology, accounting, JAVA, and the bio sciences. We consist of university academics, PhD students, professional private tutors, retired executives and entrepreneurs with a strong academic background.

Since our inception in September 2014, we have provided bespoke support for a wide range of students: From those who need extra help before an exam or interview, international students, impaired students struggling with formal education, professionals studying for qualifications, and even senior professionals looking to hone particular skills.

We focus primarily on university, degree-level and professional qualification tuition in London. However, our talented professional tutors can teach pretty much any subject – at any level – and we have specialists in school-level subjects such as A-levels and GCSEs too. We also offer bespoke courses, professional training, statistical consultancy, specialist university and job application reviews, and international teaching placements as well.

Our office is in Westminster, London, and we offer a combination of face-to-face private tutors in London as well as online tuition to our national and international clients.

We were founded in 2014 by Richard Evans – a 1st class graduate in Economics & Political Sciences from the LSE and scholar from Westminster School. He is joined by Rory Curnock Cook, a graduate of Durham University and education entrepreneur. Vyvyan Almond and Joseph Robins are our client liaison managers. Ayman Ali is our web-developer. Leo Evans, a financier from JP Morgan and ex lecturer at Imperial College serves as an executive board member. Suzy Ferreira serves as a business development advisor. Our partner companies include Aspect Creative Solutions, Tutor Cruncher and Acconomy.

Given our fantastic track-record of helping students, as well as their satisfaction levels with our professionalism, responsiveness to our client’s needs and the overall quality and speed of our service, we have many long-term clients working with our exclusive tutors also. Just take a look at The Profs Reviews on the independent rating site Trust Pilot. An investment that pays-off is satisfying; especially one in your own education.

Suzy Ferreira

Suzy Ferreira – Partner

Leo Evans

Leo Evans – Partner

Joe Robbins

Joe Robbins
– Client Manager


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