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  I have been using this service as a professional. There are at least 3 great things about this service. Firstly, is their flexibility, not only in the time at which tutorials can be given, but also the remote tutoring technology which enables ‘at home tutoring’. This flexibility is hugely important to a full time employed professional. Secondly, is their friendliness, this helped with ‘making mistakes’ or ‘not knowing how to approach a problem’ much easier/enjoyable and finally, the content of the tutorial. My tutor has significant experience which is invaluable to me and he uses this to show me ‘potential pitfalls’, which I believe has contributed to my progression rate. Additionally, the tutor comes prepared to my tutorials, he breaks down problems into simple building blocks for me to understand easily and he points me to beneficial resources that I can use to practice in between sessions. Overall, an excellent service that I would recommend to any professional.  

How a Real Estate Tutor can help you

Ace your real estate qualification exam and excel in your field with an expert real estate tutor.

With an official estate agent qualification in hand, you are sure to have made a good start in the real estate business. Obtaining one of these qualifications or passing a real estate exam is often a crucial first step to professional success. Preparing for these real estate professional qualifications requires a good study plan, excellent time management and expert advice.

We at The Profs are specialised in business studies and deliver the best real estate tuition to students at all levels. Whether you need support for one of the NFOPP technical awards, help with organising your time, someone to guide you through the law of property and estate management or an intensive preparation for a certificate in sale of residential property, our expert real estate training can help you reach your goals and help you make a great start in this exciting business. Our real estate tutors consist of experienced real estate brokers and property law experts. They have expertise in helping students develop their skills in auctioneering, valuation, property law, estate management, personal presentation, public speaking, financial advice etc.

A real estate tutor will support you every step of the way and will encourage and motivate you. You may wish to focus on a specific problem you’re struggling with, or a subject you feel unsure about, such as business tenancies, leases, termination, etc. We can provide you with a top real estate tutor specialised in the subject you need help with.

Real estate tutoring can also assist you with improving your general knowledge of business studies and economics. High quality tuition (online or in London) in real estate training can be delivered in real estate tutorials. All our tutoring sessions are tailor made and based on students’ needs and aims.

Our real estate tutors provide extensive support in various ways. They will work with you to work out solutions and improve on past real estate qualification tests, and they can review worksheets to plan and implement your real estate preparation.

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