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Dr Claire - Sat tutor
Dr ClaireFull-time tutor with over 10 years teaching experience, DPhil in Biochemistry from University of Oxford.

Our Top SAT Tutors

Dr Arjun

Masters And Ph.D In Mathematics, Tutors at All Levels

Dr Arjun
( 4,585 Hours )
Ckd Background Check
! Face to Face or Online
About Dr Arjun
  • Attended:
  • University of Sheffield
  • University of Bath

I believe my role as a tutor is to provide my students with individual assistance and support with their problems, and equally importantly, to try and ignite their interest in studying. I try and engage my students, to stimulate them, while still making them feel comfortable around me. It is essential that students not only get good grades, but also understand concepts, learn to think mathematically and solve problems themselves.

Rather than just showing them how to solve problems, I encourage students to think and work through things themselves, while only gently prodding them in the right direction. This tends to greatly enhance their knowledge and self-confidence, and many are surprised at how well they do.


Specialist tutor of English Literature, SAT/ACT prep, and university admissions from the University of Cambridge and University College London.

( 360 Hours )
! London
About Benjamin
  • Attended:
  • University College London (University of London)
  • University of Cambridge
  • Ilford County High School

I am a PhD student in English at the University of Cambridge, having previously attained a BA (Hons) in English at Cambridge; I also hold a Master's degree in English, awarded with distinction, from University College London. I have extensive experience both in the UK and internationally as a tutor of English, Philosophy, Academic and Creative Writing, and the SAT/ACT.

Dr Claire

Full-time tutor with over 10 years teaching experience, DPhil in Biochemistry from University of Oxford.

Dr Claire
( 223 Hours )
Ckd Background Check
! Online
About Dr Claire
  • Attended:
  • Cardiff University
  • University of Oxford

I am an erudite and very capable educator with over 10 years of teaching experience in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics at both GCSE-level and A-level.

I gained my DPhil in Molecular Biochemistry and Chemical Biology from the University of Oxford. During my DPhil I published first-author papers in highly-regarded journals and filed a patent on my research. I also gave undergraduate tutorials and I was an admissions interviewer in the Biochemistry department for three years.

I work full-time as a private tutor and educational consultant. I am highly organized and plan my lessons thoroughly to ensure my students gain in both knowledge and confidence. I also ensure my students develop good examination technique with plenty of practice answering exam-style questions. I am an Assessment Specialist with both CIE and OCR and thus have an excellent understanding of the examination process.


Helen has helped me massively with my assignment. I did not know much about the topic and I managed to complete a 4000 word assignment with a couple of hours of lessons for a few weeks. Helen was very quick at replying to any queries and I hope to use her again in the future!

How Expert SAT Tutoring Can Help You

Ace your SAT exams with the help of our top tutors

How does The Profs work?

After you have contacted The Profs and shared your requirements, our Client Liaison Manager will carefully select the best for you from our pool of experienced professionals. We take great care in interviewing and assessing all of our tutors before they join our network so that you can be sure to receive the highest quality tuition. You will be provided with a shortlist of tutors to choose from, and we are confident that you will find the perfect instructor to help you achieve your academic goals. Only the top 3% of tutors that apply make it through to work with The Profs. Once you’ve selected the tutor you want, they will help you every step of the way. They will help you create a study plan, give you feedback on your work, and support you when you need it most.

How will SAT lessons help me?

The SAT is a standardised test to compare applicants from different high schools. A high score on the SAT can improve your chances of being accepted to certain colleges and can also earn you scholarship money. Many students find the SAT difficult, but some strategies can help you improve your score. A good SAT tutor will teach you these strategies and help you practice to become comfortable with the test format. Working with a tutor is an effective way to raise your SAT score and increase your chances of being accepted to the college of your choice. The Profs has a wide selection of experienced and qualified SAT tutors. We have tutors who specialise in every subject on the SAT to find the perfect tutor for you. Our tutors will help you learn the test format and the strategies needed to achieve your best score. We also offer online tuition to help you prepare for the SAT no matter where you live.

How do I find the best SAT teacher using The Profs?

The best way to find the SAT tutor is by using The Profs. The Profs connects students with the best tutors in their area. All of the tutors on The Profs have been vetted and are highly qualified. The Profs has a large database of qualified tutors. You can read their profiles and reviews before deciding which tutor is right for you. We also offer first free consultations to meet with the tutor before making a decision. To find the SAT tutor, visit our website and click on the “Search Tutors” button. From there, you can filter by subject or level you are looking for. Once you have found a tutor you are interested in, you can submit a contact form to book them. If they are available, they will get back to you to schedule your first lesson. If your perfect fit isn’t shown online, we’ll find you the perfect SAT tutor using our expert matching process. Our Client Liaison Managers will use your information to identify the best tutor from our 450 strong tutor base. The Profs is here to help students connect with the best SAT tutors for their needs and assist them in achieving their academic goals.

How Expert SAT Tutoring Can Help You

Ace your college admissions applications. The SAT often is a crucial first step to a student’s university education and later professional success. Preparing for this aptitude test requires a good study plan, excellent time management, and encouragement. Studying for the SAT means that you are at a stage where you have to cope with the pressure of high school or sixth form and deal with the stress of university applications. The SAT tutor will guide you every step of the way and motivate and encourage you. You may wish to focus on a specific problem you’re struggling with or a subject you feel unsure about, such as reading, comprehension, mathematics, essay writing, etc. We can provide you with a top SAT tutor specialising in the subject you need help with for your SAT exam. Here at The Profs, we have specialised tutors within the field of college and university admissions who will assist students at whichever level they are working at. Whether you need assistance for one of the five sections of the SAT help with organising your time or tuition in a specific SAT Subject Test, our experienced SAT tutors can help you reach your goals and get you access to your chosen course at any university. Our SAT tutors consist of distinguished academics from the UK’s top schools and many from the top US and overseas universities. Our SAT tutors provide extensive support in various ways. They will work with you to work out solutions and improve SAT practice tests, and they can review worksheets to plan and implement your SAT preparation. We offer tutors within London, and for those who live elsewhere, world-class online tuition is also available for students.