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Hadar - Statistics Tutor


Statistics Lecturer with over two decades of experience – University of London

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    We provide face-to-face statistics tuition in London and Online Tutors worldwide.

    Our statistics tutors are hand-picked from the best universities and are rigorously interviewed to ensure that they can teach at all levels.

    We help students at all levels – beginner to advanced; school and university students to professionals.

    In fact, we offer a free initial consultation to help us find a private stats tutor tailored to your needs.

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Ace your course with a stats tutor who is at the top of their field.

Statistics can seem like hieroglyphs to the untrained eye, but our tutors have developed time-proven methods and formula sheets to help you to cut through to the core of your notes. There’s no better way to learn stats than to have a statistics tutor guide you to exam or coursework success. We will provide you with a logical, step-by-step and easy-to-follow approach to understanding everything from basic distributions through to regressions and hypothesis testing. Once we teach you the short-cuts and tricks of statistics, you’ll have no problem tackling even the most challenging problem set, assignment or exam.

Our Popular Help Requests

  • Variance and Mean
  • Bayes’ Theorem
  • Continuous Random Variables
  • Poisson and Normal Distributions
  • Central Limit Theorem
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Regression Analysis
  • F-tests, T-tests
  • SPSS Help
  • Quantitative Methods Tutors
  • Algorithmic Trading Tutors

Testimonial about our Statistics Tuition Services

  I was lucky enough to be a stats student of The Profs, and my tutor was fantastic. I have been a tutor in other subjects for four years at a university level, thus, I know a good tutor when I see one. They cared so much about how I did, called me after my final and we were so excited because I got a solid merit in a class I had feared I might not pass. I would highly recommend them, they know their stuff. Worth every penny.  

Nicki, London School of Economics (achieved a merit at MSc)